Editor's Pick: Your Dose of Art in April

May 1, 2016

The variety of topics and issues to explore, major exhibitions and art fairs to see, plenty of provocative artworks, art news, and even art scandals, have made this month more than interesting. It's time to take a look back, and remind you of some great pieces that you might have missed.

The month of April has brought a number of really great exhibitions that you should definitely check out, including the latest solo exhibition of one of the most famous contemporary artist Jeff Koons in London, a portfolio of love heart prints by the wealthiest artist alive Damien Hirst in Nuremberg, a really interesting exhibition exploring the role of cats in art history and pop culture, a first solo exhibition of Georg Baselitz at White Cube, the largest exhibition of Marcia Hafif in the US since 1991, two exhibitions in the UK that celebrate the work of Frank Gerritz or the beautiful beach and leisure scenes by the praised photographer Massimo Vitali in London. At the start of the art fair spring season and the summer season getting near, be sure to check out some of our highlights for the upcoming Frieze New York, Contemporary African Art Fair New York, Art Basel and Design Miami Basel in Basel.

The past month was certainly prolific and exciting for the art world as the art market shivers from the possibility of Brexit, the Panama Paper scandal reveals some long-lasting secrets, and the city of New York gets fucked by the provocative work of Nikola Tamindžić. We took a peek into the world of galleries dedicated to print, LACMA's exciting retrospective of Agnes Martin, and we contemplated on important post-war masterpieces, tried to predict the next Banksy residency, explored the topic of identity in art and posed an important question – is it maybe time to ditch the ‘female artist’ label?

The Panama Papers Affair And the Art Market

The Panama Papers Affair has certainly been an unprecedented leak in history, and it has shaken the world of politics and business. Implicating a number of global leaders, politicians and businessmen, the affair has shown the multitude of ways in which the richest exploit secretive offshore tax regimes and, more importantly, demonstrated how global capitalism works. Additionally, the affair has revealed the number of connections between the art market and the shady world of offshore corporations. With an attempt to obscure the ownership of a famous Modigliani piece stolen by the Nazis, the fraud in the biggest auction sale in history, and dubious actions of several businessmen, this has certainly been a juicy affair that has revealed many secrets.

Read all about it here.

The Provocative Photography of Nikola Tamindzic

The work of Nikola Tamindzic has certainly spiced up our Provoke section this month. A New-York based photographer who creates raw and seemingly spontaneous photographs, Nikola has the power to disarm and strip the subjects and the viewers as well. His series Fucking New York embodies the more than personal relationship of his subjects with the city. Photographs capturing this passionate love affair are certainly fresh, exciting and provocative. We talked with Nikola about the things that inspire him, the birth of this project, and the meaning behind this awesome title.

Listen to this exclusive podcast with Nikola here.

The Issue With All-Female Exhibitions

The women's fight for equality that started more than two centuries ago still continues today. When it comes to the art world, there is still a retrograde differentiation between male and female artists. When calling someone a female artist, it seems as if it is some special sub-category much different than the ‘normal’ artist who is determinately male. This term is being used on the regular basis, and it consequently created a trend of all-female exhibitions. At first, this may seem as a way to celebrate art created by women, but the truth is it only perpetuates the inequality by creating a closed and alienated circle. Is it maybe time to ditch the ‘female-artist’ label altogether?

Explore this issue further here.

A Comprehensive Retrospective of Agnes Martin

A retrospective of Agnes Martin, one of the most influential female artists of the 20th century and one of the pioneers of abstract expressionism, is on show at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) untill September 11th, 2016. Simply named Agnes Martin, the exhibition will present a magnitude of her artistic work, as well as her little-known experiments from the 195os and 60s where she has explored different textures, forms and media. This is certainly the exhibition not to miss, as it is arguably Martin’s biggest art career retrospective since 1992.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Masterpieces of the Post-War Period

After the horrors of World War II, the world has been hit by the Cold War and all the tensions it brought in the political climate. Always responding and interpreting the global movements and issues, the art of the post-war period was marked by both tendencies towards abstraction and the rise of the realist art propagated by the Soviet Union. With the plethora of new art movements and new interpretations of the old ones, the post-war period was very prolific and diverse and new innovative artists were creating new history. Take a look at some of the masterpieces that have marked this historical period.

See our top ten here.

The Quest For Identity in Postmodernist Art

The philosophy of Postmodernism certainly dominates around the topic of identity. With all the questions regarding presentation, self-representation, and the construction of the self, it seems the contemporary society perceives identity as a fluid concept. The issues of identity and self-exploration have been a recurring theme throughout the history of art, but with the rise of photography and the development of technology, this has become a dominating topic for the majority of the artists. Questioning and rejecting the dominant roles that the society has tried to force upon us, as well as the presentation of the self, have been a part of the artistic practice for many artists from Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol to Marina Abramović and Ulay.

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The Impact of Brexit on the Art Market

As the Brexit debate is taking headlines in all the major media, the voters preparing for the referendum in Britain that will decide on the love affair between UK and Europe are getting more and more confused. While one side sees the separation as a great decision in the long run, the others fear the economic consequences and the possible isolation of Britain. If the Brexit scenario becomes real, it will certainly affect the art market greatly. With more issues like funding, VAT import tax, export licenses, anti-money laundering regulation and the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR), it seems that the art business will get more complicated.

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Predictions for the Next Banksy Residency

The past year has been really prolific for our favorite street artist Banksy. With his depressive Dismaland – Bemusment park installation, a series of murals he did in the migrant camp in Calais, a series of murals in the rubbles of Syria the Gaza strip, his work once again interacted with some of the global politics and issues that have shaken the world. On the other hand, it’s been a while since infamous Banksy residency in New York that resulted in new bodies of work, a lot of publicity and a documentary entitled Banksy Does New York. Having in mind his recent activities, we wondered if it might be time for a new residency and where could it be? We narrowed down our speculations on three European cities.

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An Exclusive Interview With The Printmaking Association IFPDA

The International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) has a history and experience of more than 25 years. Maintaining the highest level of professional standard of quality and ethics, IFPDA promotes fine arts print editions and contemporary prints. From initial five members, they have grown into a conglomerate with over 160 associates in 13 countries around the globe. Understanding the importance of education, they have also founded  the Foundation for educational and internship projects for new curators, collectors and other specialists interested in art prints. We bring you an exclusive interview with six of their members.

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