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May 4, 2015

As the spring is passing by quite fast, there is no single area of contemporary and street art that has not been vivid and active. The season of art fairs continued to heat up, with amazing celebrations of contemporary art during SP Arte 2015 in Brazil and Art Cologne 2015. In April, there were countless extraordinary exhibitions in galleries throughout the world, where we had the opportunity to witness a growing number of emerging artists paving their path toward the very center of contemporary art scene. With every single scheduled auction, those who are following art expect a new record-sale, while street artists continue to thrill us with their amazing artistic reflection of the turbulent and complicated society we all live in. This fascinating circle closes with art collectors – those who wisely observe new developments in contemporary art and who largely shape both its present and its future.

Since exhibitions, art fairs, street art activities and auctions quite accelerated during the past month, we have logically paid special attention to art collecting and art collectors. Art collectors are the “eyes and ears” of contemporary art. Therefore, we wrote about the ways art collectors and art collections can adopt new trends in the world of art. Conceptual art is becoming increasingly popular day after day, particularly in art collection, so we tackled some problems regarding this “controversial” art movement, as well as some solutions for art collectors when it comes to collecting conceptual art. Also, the world of art is becoming “richer and richer” with new actors, coming from different fields and backgrounds. So, we wrote about art advisors whose profession is becoming quite important, about the mis(use) of certificates of authenticity, etc. In April, we have begun to dig even deeper into the secrets of art collecting.

Street art stories, actions and artists were among the most popular things to follow in our magazine all through  April. But, we are particularly honored and proud that we talked to some masters of street art today, such as MadC, Sowat, Zabou, Dzia… Quite amazing list of street artists we spoke with in April, with some extraordinary murals we shared during this month that thrill all our readers and followers.

Finally, erotica is as interesting as always. No, it’s not winter and the time of “bored, cold” days when love and sex are on people’s mind constantly, yet the beauty of human’s body and the beauty of its representation still attracts a lot of attention. Of course, we didn’t write about pornography, but about real art (erotic art), where ecstasy meets love and prejudice, where sex meets the beauty of the human figure. Let us just remind you about the beautiful representation of ecstatic moments the subjects of Laura Krifka’s art are going through.

In April, you probably missed some of the amazing stories we wrote about. Scroll down and take a look at our picks from April, and prepare yourself for even more interesting artistic journeys we are about to take in May.

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Collecting Fine Art Photography

There are so many rules, tips and recommendations for art collecting. Yet, it’s usually about collecting paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Not much was said about collecting photography.

Collecting photography is a new thing in the world of art collecting too. Compared to, say, sculpture or painting, it lacks significant amount of history and tradition, but photography has managed to secure its place within museum and gallery walls almost just as much as these collectable art forms and to infiltrate itself into art auctions worldwide – just look at recent ones at Christie’s, Phillips, Auctionata or Sotheby’s. With so many genres around, only one found its way to becoming a pure art form, so today, when we talk about collecting photography, we mean collecting fine art photography.

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Featured Image: Gregory Crewdson – Untitled (Maple Street), from the series Beneath the Roses, 2004

Bridges of Graffiti at Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale is probably one of the biggest events in the world of art (ever). Finally, street art lovers will have an opportunity to find something interesting for them as well.

The Bridges of Graffiti debuts at the Venice Biennale 30 years after Arte di Frontiera New York Graffiti, curated by Francesca Allinovi in 1984. It was an exhibition which brought the New York graffiti writers artistic scene to Italy. The Bridges of Graffiti aims to continue their work and to promote and highlight major contributions to the graffiti culture by displaying the very best of it at the moment. The space will also display a selection of books and fanzines about the history of graffiti and a rich body of individual pieces.

Check out the article here.

Featured Image: The Bridges of Graffiti

Interview with Zabou

In April, we were honored to speak to some of the big names of street art today. One of them is certainly Zabou, who became a street artist in 2012.

Coming from France, a country with a particular history of street art, she found inspiration in London, where her artistic adventure began. Zabou’s art is high quality, combining colorful shades and splashes with sharp lines and dripping. Interested in the topics of popular culture, she tackles stereotypes by making fun of them. So far, Zabou has worked in Sweden, France, England and Germany, depicting intriguing stories, often accompanied by satirical comments in the shape of writing.

Read the whole interview here.

Featured Image: Zabou (Portrait by R.Wilson)

The Wade Brothers

Advertising photography is surely the most widespread type of photography today, and it is also the genre your parents would tell you to choose if you ever wanted to be a photographer and get paid too. While it is clear that, with the available technology, there doesn’t even have to be a photograph at all in order to make an ad, it is still hanging in there as the base of it, and it still requires two basic elements: art and commerce.

You’ve probably stumbled upon the works of the Wade brothers at some point, as they’re one of the best lifestyle, fashion, and advertising photographers today. It is also probable that you confused their artistic style with the one of David LaChapelle, but only for a second, because they have twisted visions of their own. These two are actual brothers, Lyndon and David Lindsey Wade, born and raised outside Kansas City. As there was nothing much to do in the countryside, they had to be creative, and that’s something they’ve certainly become. Speaking of art and commerce, the Wade brothers are a perfect combination of it.

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Featured Image: The 14th Annual Webby Awards by the Wade Brothers

The Magic of Portraiture

Portraiture is, without any doubt, one of the most important genres in history of art. Together with landscapes, portraiture is probably the most used artistic genre in art in general. There are so many reasons for that, and all of them could be described by the powerful magic of portraiture. Despite all obstacles contemporary portraiture is facing today, it’s still alive, it’s still popular, and it will certainly be in the coming period. However, contemporary portraiture is facing some accusations saying it does not belong in contemporary art (not because of the artists of course, but because of the main characteristics of this genre). Particularly it is about painting portraits that are being targeted by some art experts; however, the portraiture, thanks to its magic, manages to survive in a tough competition of contemporary art scene.

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Featured Image: Hendrik Kerstens – Bag (detail)

Jacob El Hanani at Acquavella Galleries

An exhibition you have to see!

The artist’s extraordinary technique and commitment to details provoke unique visual experience. El Hanani is an artist whose works are well-known for their author’s dedication to intricacy and special attention to details. Jacob El Hanani is a quite famous contemporary artist, and very popular on art market. Since the early 1970s, he has been producing highly detailed drawings, utilizing the tradition of micrography. This painstaking process is an ancient Hebrew art form developed in the 9th century that involves repetition of small marks to create intricate abstract designs. Using this technique, El Hanani repeatedly draws thousands of microscopic marks, at times Hebrew letters, onto paper or canvas. The show will be on view until June 12th at Acquavella Galleries.

Read the full exhibition announcement here.

Featured Image: Jacob El Hanani – Gauze (detail), 2008. Ink on paper

Dzia Krank

For Widewalls Podcast #11 we decided to catch up with a street artist who over recent weeks has made regular appearances in the weekly Widewalls Street Updates and whose wonderful animal murals are proving to be very popular.

Dzia has been transforming the streets of Belgium with his distinctive animal street art. His fantastic graphic style, which incorporates abstract and geometric lines to describe his animalistic forms, has brightened up many abandoned urban areas and city walls, while also starting to gain the street artist international recognition. Dzia is also known for his Krank copyzine, a handmade art zine with stenciled covers that features work from fellow artists that he admires and supports.

Have a listen to our Widewalls Podcast #11 with Dzia Krank.

Featured Image: Dzia, Street Art URBEX, 2015

10 Contemporary Art Hotels You Should Know

Art hotels are facilities that offer the same, traditional accommodation, but are also focused on the aesthetics and design. They often host art exhibitions of temporary or permanent collections as well, usually in the lobby or a designated area. The artworks can also be found in the rooms and hallways. That being said, the guests of an art hotel can enjoy their stay surrounded by art, sometimes of one specific movement or dedicated to a single artist, and attend art events and shows without leaving the hotel building.

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Featured Image: Gramercy Park Hotel, New York