Editor's Pick: Before the Summer Break

July 1, 2016

As we are entering July, everybody is expecting holidays and vacations, while the time has come to take a look what marked June in the world of contemporary art. One of the themes that must be mentioned is the Brexit. British citizens decided to leave the European Union, in the referendum that took place on June 23. This decision has shaken the world, in every possible sense of that world. Although it wasn’t expected to affect the art market, it eventually did. It’s impossible to say what will happen on the market in the coming days and weeks, but the situation regarding Brexit is likely to calm down a bit.

A number of great exhibitions were opened in June. The long anticipated exhibition Edge of Realism opened on June 23 at Abend Gallery in Denver. The large exhibition featuring 80 carefully selected works of Mary Cassatt opened on June 25 at Yokohama Museum of Art in Yokohama, Japan, while some never-seen before photographs by Vivian Maier are on view in the exhibition titled Meaning Without Context at Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto. La MaMa Galleria saw the opening of the exhibition Ingo Swann: A Remote View. Indeed, a number of great exhibitions opened in June, and it’s a great opportunity for art lovers to use nice, summer days to visit them.

Here, on Widewalls, we also focused on some art history-related articles, as it seems that the subject matter is ever-popular among collectors and art markets. There is a huge number of features all art lovers can enjoy, especially during these warm and hot days that are coming in July. However, we will continue with the same speed and same ambitions in July, as many interesting art events are about to be launched in the coming month.

Immortal Story About Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

The relationship between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera is probably one of the most passionate, intriguing and tragic love stories of the 20th Century art. Frida was an inspiration for Diego, Diego was an inspiration for Frida; yet, they had very turbulent lives, characterized by arguments, fights. They fulfilled each other, but they also hurt each other. Many of extraordinary artworks, particularly by Kahlo, were inspired by their passionate relationship.

To learn more about their relationship and their art, click here.

Featured Image: Frida Kahlo - Frida and Diego Rivera, 1931

Art Nouveau - The New Art

Art Nouveau produced so many beautiful things, in almost every aspect of what we call art. If we only focus on architecture, there are amazing examples of Art Nouveau (let’s just mention Gaudi, for instance). If we look at painting, let us not forget Klimt. For those who like erotica, Art Nouveau may be interesting. Art Nouveau became synonymous with progress, and although it is often regarded merely as a transitive period between traditional art and Modernism, it was in fact the one style that had the seed of Modernity implanted within.

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Featured Image: Guimard paris Metropolitain

Life as Art

How powerful images can be! Imagine if professional photographers wouldn’t exist, and if we were able to learn about the developments in the world only by a written story. Images can be more powerful than words. They are motivating us, making us sad, helping us to better understand the reality. Documentary photography, although often disputed in the world of contemporary photography, is an inseparable part of contemporary art.

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Featured Image: Robert Capa - The Falling Soldier, 1936

La Lune - The Moon as Inspiration

Haven Gallery from Northport, New York organized an exhibition titled La Lune that gathered 35 artists, whose art approaches the matter both directly and metaphorically, depending on each artist’s sensibility. Their works show that the Moon can be seen from a scientific, literal, or poetic point of view, and also that the ways in which it affects humans can be demonstrated through various interpretations and phenomena, figuratively or through abstract landscapes and shapes. The exhibition was opened on June 25.

More about this exhibition here!

Featured Image: Syd Bee - Achelois

American Realism

American Realism is a bit marginalized in the history of American art. However, extraordinary artists created amazing pieces that could be classified and described as American Realistic Art. American Realism is similar to French Realism and even Socialist Realism in terms of aesthetics and primary intents. Still, as a concept, the significance of American Realism is perhaps even greater, when taking the nation’s acclamation into account. It is true that all realists played an important part of our collective art history, yet the United States have a bit more to be thankful for.

For more about American Realism, click here!

Featured Image: Joan Sloan - McSorleys Bar, 1912

Kinetic Light Sculpture at NOME

Berlin-based NOME Gallery has organized the exhibition of Joris Strijbos titled Oscillations. Oscillations, the exhibition featuring two installations – Axon and Homeostase – is the artist’s way of playing with the potentials of technology that is rapidly becoming more and more powerful and even able to mimic biological systems – something that was virtually impossible to imagine just a few decades ago. Strijbos will present his kinetic light sculpture works at NOME as the result of his in-depth research of artificial life and generative composition.

For more information about the exhibition, click here!

Featured Image: Joris Strijbos - Axon, 2016, detail

Body Paint Art Masterpieces

It truly takes a creative soul to make something glorifying out of the human body. Although its status is disputed in the world of contemporary art, we cannot ignore the beauty of body painting. The problem with body painting art is that it’s usually connected with tattoo art, which cannot be considered as contemporary art. On the other hand, there are a number of contemporary art practices using body painting as a legitimate medium. And many of body paint pieces are simply amazing.

Take a look at some of the most fascinating body paint masterpieces!

Featured Image: Craig Tracy painting one of his models

Street Art as Freedom

Widewalls had an honor to conduct an interview with three amazing street and urban artists - Faith47, BR1 and Alexis Diaz. South African artist Faith47 uses the street as her canvas where she can express herself, create connections, tell stories and initiate a change. She often deals with existential questions and involves herself in spiritual search of the world that surrounds her. On the other hand, Italian artist BR1 explores ways different societies and cultures meet, clash and overlap and make an impact on each other. His work is often centered around themes of migrations, women’s emancipation, racism, gender discrimination and tensions between modernity and tradition. Finally, Alexis Diaz is famous for his depictions of the animal world. Coming from different species and habitats, these animals are combined into complex hybrids with extreme precision by his brush.

Read the interview by clicking here!

Featured Image: Faith47 - Mural in Manchester, 2016

Mexican Contemporary Artists

Mexican contemporary art scene is not marginalized anymore. Many Mexican contemporary artists are finally part of the global contemporary art scene. Thanks to many great galleries in Mexico City, thanks to the art fairs, and different art events taking place in this wonderful country, collectors and art lovers finally got in touch with amazing Mexican artists. Despite the heavy influence of the major European movements, Mexican art has managed to create a distinctive language and style that has been manifested through important historical movements of Mexican Muralism or The Rupture movement – the heritage that still majorly influences contemporary practices.

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Featured Image: Gabriel Orozco - Asterisms. All Images used for illustrative purposes.

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