Eduardo Navarro Stages a Performance Inviting Viewers to Consider their Relationship with the Sun

Exhibition Announcements

June 28, 2016

High Line Art from New York is announcing the Eduardo Navarro performance entitled We who spin around you. This new work by the Argentine artist invites the viewers to consider their changing relationship to the sun. We who spin around you is part of High Line Performances, which is a series of events that transform the High Line into an open-air theater with performances on and around the park. This time, the performance is about “our Star”, the Sun, and our relationship with the star. As usual, Eduardo Navarro approaches this project as a case study, where he aims to create something new with his performative actions.

Eduardo Navarro performance visit museum york
Eduardo Navarro - We who spin around you, 2016

The Art of Eduardo Navarro

Eduardo Navarro is an Argentine artist who lives and works in Buenos Aires. He is a multimedia artist, using sculpture, collage, installation, and performance in his practice. What is interesting in Navarro’s art is his unique approach – he inserts himself in legal, spiritual, scientific, medical, archaeological environments and conducts on a series of dialogues and discussions within these groups and in their specific contexts. By using the traditional “practices” of conceptual art, Navarro leaves the field of contemporary art, and subjugates himself to non-artistic disciplines, such as scientific, legal, or spiritual ones. As the result (and the result is a work of art), the artist ends up rejecting the distance between himself and his object of study. The object of study becomes a constitutive element of an artwork, thanks to the performative actions conducted by Navarro. For example, in his recent work that is entitled Poema Volcánico, Navarro hiked into the crater of the active volcano Guagua Pichincha in Ecuador. Inside the crater, he exposed litmus paper to the sulfurous fumes of the volcano, effectively allowing the volcano's energy to paint.

Eduardo Navarro performance visit museum york
Eduardo Navarro - Frieze Projects, 2016 - photos courtesy of the artist and galeria nara roesler

We who Spin Around You

We who Spin Around You is a work specially conceptualized for the High Line at the Rail Yards. So, how is it going to look like? In the late afternoon as the sun begins to lower in the sky, Navarro invites participants to don custom-made bronze masks designed to help them safely view the sun, transforming it into a tiny dark green sphere. After that, an astrophysicist will give a brief lecture on the history of the Solar System, and our ever-changing relationship with the science. As Cecilia Alemani, the Donald R. Mullen, Jr. Director & Chief Curator of High Line Art, says: Eduardo Navarro's projects make us question our subjective perceptions of the world, and force us to make a unique, meditative inquiry into the structures and institutions that guide our daily lives. It is particularly appropriate that Navarro's performance for High Line Art brings us into a closer relationship with the sun at the Rail Yards, one of the most breathtaking locations on the High Line where one can truly take in the beauty of the wide surrounding sky.

Eduardo Navarro performance visit museum
Eduardo Navarro - Frieze Projects, 2016 - photos courtesy of the artist and galeria nara roesler

Eduardo Navarro Performance with High Line Art

Presented by Friends of the High Line, High Line Art commissions and produces public art projects on and around the High Line. Founded in 2009, High Line Art presents a wide array of artwork including site-specific commissions, exhibitions, performances, video programs, and a series of billboard interventions. And the latest project is the one by the great artist Eduardo Navarro. The performance will take place on July 19, 20, and 21 from 6:30 – 8:30pm on the High Line at the Rail Yards, located at West 33rd Street and 12th Avenue, New York.

Featured Image: Eduardo Navarro - Frieze Projects, 2016 - photos courtesy of the artist and galeria nara roesler. All Images courtesy of High Line Art.