EGO Exhibition in Seattle : The Time is Never Opening at Flatcolor Gallery

October 2, 2015

Waiting for a perfect opportunity to come so you could say "the time is now!” may seem like an endless wait, so, perhaps sometimes the real answer is “the time is never”. The latter is the inauspicious title of Ego’s latest solo exhibition at Flatcolor Gallery. The show marks the third major exhibition by Ego in the Seattle gallery. The artist’s signature macabre style is once again displayed through a unique combination of the metaphysical and the natural world. Skeletons, apparitions and dark figures all come to life, or better yet – death, in Ego’s intricately crafted artworks. The new work on view includes smaller, yet highly detailed, paintings in oil and acrylic on wood. The astonishing level of meticulousness in the artworks simply mesmerizes the viewers as they find themselves peering deeper and deeper into the depths of the detailed creations.

murakami home pakistan energy news 2012 available event gas information Left: EGO - He ain’t what he seems…, 2015 / Right: EGO - Celestial Matriarch of the North, 2015
Left: EGO - He ain’t what he seems…, 2015 / Right: EGO - Celestial Matriarch of the North, 2015

Respected Member of the Underground Contemporary Art Scene and a Prolific Tattoo Artist

The Seattle-based artist and tattooer, Ego is characterized by work comprised of somewhat dark and whimsical creepiness. Heavily influenced by the tattoo culture, street art and underground fine art, he absorbs the macabre side of all of those worlds and transposes it into his signature style of art (have a look at our featured article on street art and death). Making a name for yourself in the underground contemporary art scene is no easy task, and Ego has accomplished that through his larger scale aerosol art installations and his smaller, highly detailed fine art exhibitions. Alongside of his successful artistic career, he is also a very prolific tattoo artist, with numerous clients wearing his art proudly. Ego’s artwork has been showcased in various galleries across North America and England, and it has been published in numerous media.

oil EGO in studio murakami home pakistan energy news 2012 available event gas information
EGO in studio

Highly Detailed Artwork of the Macabre

The Time Is Never is a display of Ego’s latest work. The creepy, yet charming, artworks exude a transcendent form of death, or something beyond it. The surreal landscapes are inhabited by apparitions, demon-like creatures, skeletons and various personifications of death. As if the artist has seen what lies beyond our materialistic existence, and stepped into the metaphysical realm of actuality, he hints away with the cosmic expanses and mind-boggling scenes. The technique he works with utilizes paint in the most detailed way possible. At times, increased magnification is the way Ego achieves to gain the hyper-detailed composition in his paintings. With such a steady hand and exquisite prowess it is no wonder why Ego is also a very successful tattoo artist.

EGO - Artwork murakami home pakistan energy news 2012 available event gas oil information
EGO - Artwork

The Time Is Never Solo Exhibition by Ego at Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, Washington

As the gallery owner, Christopher Cook, stated, Ego is one of the artists that has been showcased since the beginning at Flatcolor, and is most definitely one of their favorite creators. Having been fans and collectors of Ego’s work even before they became a gallery, Flatcolor is extremely excited to unveil the latest work of the prolific artist. Solo exhibition entitled The Time Is Never by Ego is on view from October 1st to October 31st, 2015, at Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle, Washington. The extreme level of details present in Ego’s art will mesmerize you and make you wander off deeper into the painting as you try to unveil the exact ending point of the intricacy in his work.

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All images courtesy of Flatcolor Gallery