Emanuele Vittorioso Abstract Graffiti Coming to Openspace Paris

February 21, 2016

The life of a far-away star moves closer to us. As it moves, its light is blue, the most mysterious color. It is no longer just a shade, it represents a journey, a process which ended and which created a new space. Emanuele Vittorioso’s works embody the energy, the light and the mysteries that far-away places have to tell. With his love for graffiti and abstract art, his canvases are spaces for experimentation; his canvases are arenas for fighting, for deconstruction and construction of a new language that creates poetry; his canvases are prints of a captured moment of freedom and spontaneity.

Emanuele Vittorioso Abstract Graffiti
Emanuele Vittorioso - Blue Tre Quindicesima

Motion is the King

Emanuele Vittorioso’s work exemplifies the energy of action painting as well as the freedom of graffiti and street art. Using the spray can, one of the most commonly used graffiti material, with immaculate precision the artist creates canvases that captivate us. The strong use of color, the play of movement and stillness, perfect balance and amazing degree of technicality draws us in and we acknowledge the force, the strength and the movement of the artist. The canvases ask for our gaze, demand a space and investigate the color itself.

Emanuele Vittorioso Abstract Graffiti
Left: Emanuele Vittorioso - Blue Tre Quattordicesima / Right: Emanuele Vittorioso - Slint

The Intensity of Nearness in Abstract Graffiti

The physical term ”blueshift” taken as a starting point for the new exhibition, coming soon to the Openspace Gallery in Paris, refers to the movement, to the increase and decrease of frequency of light. As the light source approaches us, the color blue dominates. For the artist, this color is an outcome of a long journey and his canvases may well be viewed as documents of an expedition. The long and the far away presented in the canvases of Emanuele Vittorioso, tell a story of speed, of experimentation, frantic and vibrant shifts in movement. The blue color, as the carrier of such a journey, is forceful and changeable and has long been a mystery and inspiration for many artists and cultures. From Egyptian art to the monochrome works by Klein and expressionistic works of Van Gogh, the color blue was always a wonder, a door to spirituality, a door to mysteries and to something hidden.

Emanuele Vittorioso Abstract Graffiti
Left: Emanuele Vittorioso - The Blue Tre Decima / Right: Emanuele Vittorioso - The Blue Tre Undicesima

Emanuele Vittorioso Exhibition Blueshift at Openspace Gallery

A Sicilian artist, Emanuele Vittorioso, grew up in Syracuse before he came to Milan and started his studies at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. He specialized in restoration and heritage preservation. He spent a lot of his time working at construction sites but never gave up on his love for street and graffiti art and his own need to investigate the language of art. He is also influenced and fascinated with post-war Italian art. He is inspired by the iconic figures of the '50s and '60s such as Emilio Scanavino, Giuseppe Santomaso and Emilio Vedova. He prefers to work with spray paint, enamels, acrylic paint and bitumen and his canvases capture the viewer by the pure force of the gesture.

Openspace Gallery in Paris started the collaboration with Emanuele Vittorioso in 2015. The exhibition Blueshift, with its opening night Saturday February 27th, will last until March 26th, 2016. To the gallery, this exhibition represents a great start to a new year. The exhibition Blueshift will offer a collection of around twenty paintings on canvases as well as ten or so drawings.

Featured images in slider: Emanuele Vittorioso in his studio. Courtesy of Chien-Chien. All images courtesy of Openspace Gallery.

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