Street in Gdansk Gets a New Face

February 13, 2014

Poland is definitely taking a prominent spot in latest urban art culture achievements, not only on the map of Europe, but even wider. An organization that greatly contributes to this is the Urban Forms Foundation, constantly pushing the limits with its amazing mural projects.

Little historic town of Gdansk was the latest inspiration for the Foundation, as it is known to be a charming place filled with narrow, tall houses, laced ornaments and painted facades. The town suffered greatly during the Second World War, some of the facades were never properly restored, not even in the old center. Painting of a momentous Ogarna street in the center of Gdansk was the way to breathe in new life into the dulled urban face. A group of artists was invited to conduct the Gdansk street art project, and they adorned the house fronts with a lively array of abstract, colorful murals. The result is the beautiful symbiosis of old facades and contemporary urban art, realized to the great joy of the people of Gdansk .

Polish Street Art

Street Art in Gdansk

Ogarna Street is one of the lifelines of the old Gdansk and a critical link for the city transport. Prior to the World War II, the street was bubbling over with life, hosting mostly artisans and merchants. Along with two other important spots in town, the Long Lane and the Long Market Square, it was the main route to the Granary Island, leading over the Motlawa River bridge. During the war, Gdansk and subsequently, the Ogarna street were devastated, and the once vital and positive atmosphere of the lane was never restored.

Guided by desire to bring this lovely town area to its original glory, Urban Forms Foundation from Lodz launched the OGARNA 2.0 project in cooperation with the City of Gdansk. The core of the action was revitalization of the alley, including goals such as decoration of certain objects with murals, constructing green areas and small architectural elements, and including the residents of Ogarna street into the projects, having them contribute and support the recovery of their immediate surroundings. The result is a stunning street art alley with aligned with beautiful homes, as opposed to the previous shabby town road.

Polish Street Art

The lineup of participating artists includes some of the most prominent street art names and muralists in Poland such as Mariusz Waras "M-City", Daniel Kaliński "Chazme", Krzysztof Syruć "Proembrion", Wojciech Kołacz "Otecki", Bartek Świątecki "Pener", Łukasz Berger "Cekas", Adam Kłodecki "Theos", and Maciej Pakalski.

Polish Street Art
Otecki - Theos

Urban Forms Foundation

Founded in 2009, Urban Forms Foundaiton focuses on city culture and art, through organization, promotion and support of independent urban art projects. The aim is to elevate the quality of street art in Poland by introducing carefully curated mural and other projects, deeming the educational and social nature of such endeavors crucial.

The street art in Gdansk has thus been enriched by an entire street adorned with permanent wall paintings, as we are anxious to see what other street art projects in Poland will Urban Forms Foundation roll out.

Polish Street Art
Otecki - Theos

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