Eric Firestone Gallery Presents: Womanhouse

May 19, 2015

Eric Firestone Gallery proudly presents their upcoming group exhibition titled Womanhouse that will take place in the East Hampton. Womanhouse is an extensive project curated by Eric Firestone and Michelle Tillou that will feature works by twenty one female artists ranging from well established, iconic ones such are Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro to the artists belonging to the younger generations. The Womanhouse is one of a kind homage to the original project from 1972 that was a milestone in the feminist art. Besides Chicago and Schapiro the exhibition includes works by Nina Chanel Abney, Joa Baldinger, Sarah Braman, Julia Chiang, Evie Falci, Orly Genger, Maya Hayuk, Misaki Kawai, Maia Ruth Lee, Keiko Narahashi, Amanda Ross-Ho, Shinique Smith, Agathe Snow, Jen Stark, Jessica Stockholder, Despina Stokou, Vadis Turner, Wendy White, and Chloe Wise.

Eric Firestone Gallery, program, work, arts, 1972, women, feminist
Judy Chicago - The Dinner Party, 1979

The Womanhouse Project from 1972

Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro were the co-founders of the California Institute of the Arts Feminist Art Program. The idea for the Womanhouse project came from their program staff, Paula Harper, celebrated in her own right as the first art historian who introduced feminist perspective to the study of sculpture and painting. The idea behind the Womanhouse was to form a space for feminist art, installation and performance. The leading forces of the project Schapiro and Chicago, found an abandoned mansion that they had repaired together with their female students. They wanted to transform a domestic environment to fully express experiences of women. The aim of the project was to encourage their students to step out of their gender roles through the physical labor that the process of remodeling required.

Eric Firestone Gallery, feminist, work, women, program, arts, 1972
Sarah Braman, Courtesy of C-monster

Influences that Still Echo

The Womanhouse 2015 will feature a piece by Miriam Schapiro from her series femmage. The work done in 1973-74 titled The Beauty of Summer is a mixture of textile arts and painting that repurposes fabric considered feminine in order to defy sexism. Miriam Schapiro’s femmages represent all the activities that were traditionally associated with women, as sewing, cooking, cutting etc. translated to the activities associated with art, as collage, photomontage, etc. The exhibition also features works by Judy Chicago from her series Dome. Chicago’s works from this period are often considered as her battle to compete with men in the art world that paved the way to her later works such is the iconic Dinner Party.

Eric Firestone Gallery, feminist, work, women, program, arts, 1972
Agathe Snow, Detail, 2015, Courtesy of the Eric Firestone Gallery

The New Womanhouse

The Womanhouse presents us with the women artists as Sarah Braman who works with steel and plexi combining them with mundane objects. Or Agathe Snow who refines industrial materials such as pegboard, steel or fiberglass to comment on environmental and moral decay.
The works selected for the Womanhouse 2015 are largely inspired by the legacies of Schapiro and Chicago who fought to introduce woman’s point of view and gender equality into the art world. With twenty one artists included in the show the Womanhouse is surely one of the more ambitious projects that presents female art recently. Womanhouse opens on May 23rd and will be open until June 14th in the Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, NY.

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Images in Slider: Maya Hayuk, Courtesy of and Womanhouse catalogue, Feminist Art Program at CalArts, 1972, Courtesy of Eric Firestone Gallery

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