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April 24, 2014

Some believe everything has already been done in the arts and there is nowhere left to go. But is this entirely true? New technologies give birth to new artistic media, and if we agree to accept themes are subject to change along with the evolution of society, it appears the potential for development of art is endless. Today, three-dimensionality gained a new meaning with the emergence of computer modelling and 3D printing, and among the leading creatives who think future are sculptor Eric van Straaten and lenticular artist, Chris Dean. These two artists are having a joint exhibition at the Krause Gallery in New York presenting their novel body of work shifting the norms of traditional aesthetics.

The exhibition 22nd Century opens on April 24 and it will be on view through May 24, 2014.

Krause Gallery
Chris Dean - Eddy is a liar and he'll drag you down

Contemporary 3-D

Chris Dean and Eric van Straaten are considered foremost representatives of contemporary three-dimensional artistic approach, and they are both involved in design, concept and the manufacturing of their pieces. Their artwork is based on current technological achievements, without which the design and rendering in the recognizable manner would be hard to achieve.

Krause Gallery
Eric van Straaten - Rumors

Eric van Straaten

Eric van Straaten is the pioneer in the artistic employment of 3D printers. His 3D art is hyperrealistic, while the artist constantly pushes the boundaries of full color printing of his digitally rendered images. His girls resemble anime characters, innocent and slightly eroticized, while retaining the digital quality of their physical appearance. The surreal feeling is gotten while experiencing the tangible nature of his sculptures, usually seen executed solely as computer graphics. His works are borderline kitsch, tacky, decorative, but also daring, taste challenging and stubbornly innovative. Eric van Straaten’s nymphets cause a stir of emotions from embarrased attraction and obsession, to anger, repulsion or envy.

Krause Gallery
Eric van Straaten - Rebels

Chris Dean

Another approach to 3D art comes in the form of living prints made by Chris Dean, an artist dedicated to lenticular printing. His distorted images are printed on two-dimensional surface, while illusions of depth and third dimension or motion are achieved through observation of these pieces from a special angle. The effect of his works resembles holography, therefore his individual pieces are very difficult to reproduce. To be appreciated as the artist intended, they need to be seen live.

While enjoying the undoubtedly entertaining and impressive effects of Chris Dean’s prints, influences of psychedelic, chromatically crazed, elaborate art styles becomes evident. His aesthetics is an eclectic mix of modern movements, from the expressive ones, to the pop or decorative styles. However, underneath the visual effect lies the deeper significance of Dean’s art. His pieces address the observer directly, involve him into the scene, while inspiring an introspection, which can lead to unexpected findings within self. Chris Dean’s prints are built with a particular intention to engage to viewer and leave an impact on a personal level that is interpreted in many ways.

Krause Gallery
Chris Dean - Fake Candy Coffin

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