Celebrate Erotic Art - The Steamiest Provoke Posts on Widewalls in 2015

December 25, 2015

As New Year’s Eve is approaching quite fast, we are entering in the period of a year when we are summing up our activities in the past 365 days. So many great exhibitions, dozens of art fairs, exciting auctions, hundreds of news… and of course, exactly 52 Widewalls Provoke! posts. These articles celebrate erotic art – one of the most controversial forms of art expression. Still, it’s about art - the fact that erotic art usually covers any artistic work that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of love-making make many people to believe it’s only about erotic or sexual sentiments. But, as we will see, remarkable pieces of erotic art have been created by a number of amazing artists.

Erotic art includes paintings, engravings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, music and writing. However, it seems that, today, it is the most popular within the medium of photography. Our readers usually like to read our articles about erotic art. Indeed, some of the most read articles are about erotica. And, in this bigger article for this week’s Provoke!, we present you the steamiest provoke posts on Widewalls in 2015. This list is your choice. We are presenting 10 most liked Provoke! articles in 2015. Scroll down, and enjoy!

Erotic Photography of Olivier Valsecchi

Position number 10 – amazing French photographer Olivier Valsecchi. Throughout his work, Oliver Valsecchi is echoing the aesthetic of classical portraiture and fine art photography. His praxis is rooted in minimalism with highly detailed representation of figures portrayed on a dark background. His astonishing photographs bring a subtle take on erotic imagery focusing on the beauty of human body as seen in the classical aesthetic canon. Rather than exploring the lust and raw sexuality Oliver Valsecchi is offering a delicate view of the idea of bodily beauty. This is why he often chooses to depict his models as anonymous and impersonal, covering their facial expression and letting the composition of the artwork and the portrayed bodies to speak for themselves.

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Featured Images: Olivier Valsecchi - Home, 2014; Olivier Valsecchi Iris Vanitas, 2014; Olivier Valsecchi

Sensuality in Erotic Photography of Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham, one of America’s finest artists, paved her way quietly to achieve her own status and establish a unique artistic style somewhere between those of Edward Weston and Alfred Stieglitz. For Imogen Cunningham, erotic imagery was always a passion, never a job, and her good eye and printing skills allowed her to produce sensible and honest imagery that, as such, sometimes caused controversy and called out the questions of masculinity and femininity.

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Featured Images: Imogen Cunningham – Navajo Rug, 1968; Imogen Cunningham - Nude, 1956; Imogen Cunningham – Jackie, 1928

Violence and Young Hollywood Elite - Erotic Art of Tyler Shields

American photographer Tyler Shields has garnered quite a reputation for his photography career. While his art covers several areas, it is his erotic photographs that have seen the photographer gain much publicity, both good and bad, through his use of imagery that depicts violence and splattered blood, while also photographing celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan brandishing a gun. The photographer is known to push his photographic subjects, often the young Hollywood elite, to their limits when shooting to achieve real time live action without manipulation and though some feel the art of Tyler Shields is put out to the world purely for shock value and to provoke, the photographer insists that many of the images he creates come from simple everyday situations that trigger thoughts.

Featured Images: Tyler Shields – Sean Faris & Breanne Racano;

Erotica and Comic Book Art

Because love and sex are an inevitable part of our lives, and art depicts life, there are times when our superheroes do end up making out, as part of their story. For those expecting to see full-on nudity, I suggest you give it up now, as publishers as Marvel or DC rarely go further than TV-14, meaning the most you will see is, say, a sideboob. While some couples couldn’t be more obvious, like Batman and Catwoman, who usually end up having sex on top of a building (and it takes a while, since their tight latex costumes are a bit hard to take off) we also got Superman and Wonder Woman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yeah, I know) and Angel, Harley Quinn and Deadshot of the Suicide Squad, Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre, Wolverine and Domino, and so on. While the official comics art makers need to stay within the boundaries of not revealing too much, some others absolutely do not, and one of them is Greg Guillemin.

Read the article Superhero Sex Secrets Revealed Through Comic Book Art, and see more amazing images!

Featured Images: Spiderman and Wonder Woman; Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Nude Fashion Models of Marco Glaviano

Working mostly in black and white, Marco Glaviano has produced some of the most beautiful images there are. Throughout the years, he has photographed a great deal of famous models, such as Paulina Porizkova, Annelids Seubert, Tatiana Sorokko, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford, and has been published in the world’s most important fashion magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Elle and of course Vogue. His images ooze with glamour and sensuality, usually showing nude models in different, extraordinary landscapes, becoming one with nature. It would seem as though these girls were simply captured in their everyday moments – because being sexy, daring and beautiful also below the surface is what they are even when there’s no camera around. In perfect contrast and marvelous composition, Marco Glaviano creates stunning photographs that have to do with the pure concepts of the allure, femininity, seduction and confidence.

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Featured Images: Marco Glaviano

Black and White Erotic Art of K Leo

K Leo is a nude art photographer who, like any artist working with the medium, strives to capture the beauty of his subjects. Working in black and white, his images go from artistic erotic nudes on the verge to pornographic scenery, to pensive and emotive portraits of women. The art of K Leo calls to mind the photography of Francesca Woodman, but with more emphasis on the eroticism of female body. “Nothing is more impressive to me than people. It is my subject of choice. I believe that everyone has blatant naked beauty,” says K Leo.

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Featured Images: K Leo-Sarah; K Leo - Floored-Nude; K Lao

Vintage Erotica

When we speak about vintage erotica, it’s simply impossible not to mention Gil Elvgren and his art. This amazing American artist was a painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration. Without any doubt, he was the best pin-up artist the world has ever known. Today he is best known for his pin-up paintings for Brown & Bigelow. Among the models Elvgren painted were Myrna Hansen, Donna Reed, Barbara Hale, Arlene Dahl, and Kim Novak.

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Featured Images: Vintage Erotica

Drunna Comic Series - The Infamous Goddess of Erotic Illustration

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, in a distant future where humanity is a far cry from what it is today, Druuna series revolve around a voluptuous female protagonist, following her strange and erotic encounters with numerous strangers, mutants, monsters and other twisted creatures. It is not a superhero driven story, even though superheroes had their fair share of sexual adventures. The erotic science fiction and fantasy graphic novel character of Druuna is created by Italian cartoonist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. The series have gained much attention for featuring explicit content in terms of both graphic violence and sex. With some editions featuring near-totally explicit sexual penetration, other books feature completely uncensored penetration. Druuna’s role is summed up by some as a willing sexual object, at least most of the times the character would submit herself to sexual advances of all kinds with little or no complaint. The main protagonist has been raped in more than one scenes in the series, and the author claimed that Druuna’s approach to sexual pleasures is actually a challenge to Judeo-Christian mores on sexuality. Serpieri encountered problems with censorship more than once, and had to switch publishers in order to continue his explicit saga. Luckily he did, and his famous series went from underground comix to become one of the most recognizable in the genre.

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Featured Images: Druuna artwork

Erotic Art of Oliver Rath

All elements of erotic art are present in Oliver Rath’s provocative photographs. His erotic photography blurs the lines between pornography and erotica. They are often scandalous, bizarre, shocking. Naked women smoking cigars and marijuana, absurd accessories, delirious situations, and nude women and men with weapons – these are only few examples of Rath’s erotic art. There is nothing restrictive in his photos, the artist does not recognize any boundaries, and he gave himself a complete freedom to represent whatever he considers interesting. Since the art of Oliver Rath is also characterized by political incorrectness, the same refusal of imposed norms could be identified in his erotic art as well. He does not recognize the imposed sexual identities; female and male figures are equally represented in his work, and there aren’t any signs of stereotypes in his work.

SCANDALOUS, BIZARRE AND SCHOOKING! Find out more by clicking here!

Featured Images: Oliver Rath - Dieses obskure Objekt der Begierde; Oliver Rath - Nach Rathion; Oliver Rath

Erotic Photography of Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

And, we have a winner for 2015! It’s amazing photographs by great Mairi-Luise Tabbakh. Pure erotic art! The erotic photography of Mairi-Luise Tabbakh comes at us with a certain arty glamour, candid black and white photographs of young beautiful people. The imagery certainly makes reference to classic erotic photography, never veering into pornography or the tasteless, but combines it with a feeling of being very modern, belonging to the world of people who have embraced social media. The erotic photography that Mairi-Luise Tabbakh creates is sometimes hard to fathom, often appearing as if they are candid photographs of close friends rather than models, living in a world inaccessible to the normal person. This is erotic photography with beautiful young people, sometimes smoking, drinking or holding a gun, reflecting on a seemingly rich and decadent lifestyle, while somehow trying to look dirty and dangerous.

Featured Images: Mairi Luise Tabbakh-Eliane; Mairi Luise Tabbakh-Le Baiser; Mairi Luise Tabbakh - Maille Doyle; Mairi Luise Tabbakh - Ha Anh Vu; Mairi Luise Tabbakh

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