Etnik Exhibits ERRORISM in Bologna

November 29, 2015

Having painted on the cityscapes for decades, street artist Etnik has accumulated a substantial knowledge about the aesthetics and the functioning of the cities. In his latest art series the artist uses his experience and skill to express his opinions and dilemmas about the urban environment. His new body of work is inspired by the mistakes in the urban landscapes and will be on display at Galleria Portanova 12 in Bologna. The exhibition entitled ERRORISM will present paintings and a sculpture by Etnik that deal with the conflict between nature and urban development.

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Artworks From the ERRORISM Series by Etnik


What is ERRORISM ? Street artist Alessandro Battisti a.k.a Etnik invented this word to describe continuous errors we make while dealing with our surroundings. Expanding industrial systems and constant, unrestrained overbuilding, forces the nature to grow in limited spaces. But the degradation of our environment, degrades human existence as well and the artist wonders is this a proper way to live our lives. In his opinion the humanity has taken a disturbing path in its development resulting in the lack of time, isolation and stress. The paintings are packed with cold, gray construction materials and exhaust pipes that appear as if they are devouring natural elements that are fighting for survival. Fantasy, color and abstraction are a result of extensive pictorial research, and the artworks are done in Etnik recognizable architectural style.

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In a way, ERRORISM is an extension of Etnik's previous exhibition entitled FUN da MENTAL. This show that's currently on display in GCA gallery in Paris portrays a very different vision of urban spaces. FUN da MENTAL offers a dreamlike portrayal of cityscapes, as the artist admires artificial colors and geometrical shapes of the big cities. But if FUN da MENTAL show portrayed somewhat beautified vision of the metropolis, in his new ERRORISM solo show Etnik goes back to the brutal reality. A reality where our race with time generates the relentless stress we endure, where our reliance on technology and industry results in pollution and climate change and our hostile attitude towards nature comes back to haunt us, by affecting the quality of our everyday life.

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Artworks by Etnik

Paintings and Sculptures at Galleria Portanova 12

Etnik's fascination with cities goes back to the early 2000s, when the artist begun his ongoing Prospective Cities project, in which every work represents a different floating 3-D city, amidst a changing sea of shapes, colors, and perspective. ERRORISM represents Etnik’s complex relationship with the urban environment that's simultaneously represented as space we all depend upon but also as something that can smother us to death. ERRORISM solo show will open on December 12th, 2015 and will run till January 9th, 2016 at Galleria Portanova 12 in Bologna, Italy.

Featured image : Etnik and a Piece from His Errorism Series. Images courtesy of the artist.

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