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December 5, 2019

Throughout the 20th century, the public space gradually became the site of social and political rebellion; a place for protests where the critical commentary was often expressed on public walls. During the 1970s in New York City, youngsters belonging mostly to the marginalized communities started developing their own art by producing it in public space, mostly abandoned buildings and subway, so the early street art was a vehicle for self-determination and social expression. Gradually, this innovative aesthetic grew into a movement with numerous sub-genres determined by the specific use of a media (graffiti, stickers, stencils, etc.) and spread across the pond, to Europe, spurring an equally interesting roster of creatives.

For this edition of collectors tip, we decided to bring you closer the domains of contemporary European street artists and encourage you to collect with the selection of ten outstanding artworks below.

Featured image: Vesod - Heavy Gravity, detail. All images are courtesy of their respective galleries.

Alias - Lost

The renowned German street artist Alias is best known for his stencil-based practice. He usually delivers figurative compositions featuring various emotional states in the form of cut-ups or directly sprayed on walls followed by his moniker Alias. Although his message may seem puzzling, it is often socially charged.

The work Lost nicely illustrates the style of Alias, which is a combination of the rebelliousness of Banksy and the linearity typical for comic books.

Buy the work here.

Banksy - Happy Choppers

Throughout the years, Banksy transcended the category of street art by engaging in radical and often controversial socio-politically charged gestures and actions. His simplistic figurative style is saturated with dark humor and aims to provoke the viewer.

With Happy Choppers, the artist makes fun of military actions undertaken by the world’s leading countries by placing a pink bowtie below choppers’ propeller.

Buy the work here.

Miss.Tic - L'Imagination Au Pouvoir, Mais Lequel ?

This artwork made by a French street artist Miss.Tic, known for collaged stencils featuring a dark-haired woman. She is considered to be one of the pioneers of the street art movement in France and has been active since 1985. An important part of her practice is poetry, often incorporated in her works.

L'Imagination Au Pouvoir, Mais Lequel ? is a typical Miss.Tic work articulating the position of women in society.

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Pro176 - Multiple Dimensional Infrastructure

For more than ten years, Parisian street artist PRO176 has been producing visually stimulating works apparently influenced by Pop Art and a famous comic book author Jack Kirby. The compositions of PRO176 are infused with color and based on the combination of science fiction motifs and bold lettering.

The work Multiple Dimensional Infrastructure contains all the characteristics of his vivid style.

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Chazme - Next Order 2

A Polish painter, illustrator, architect, and street artist Daniel Kalinski aka CHAZME or CHAZME 718 gradually became well-known for his immersive surrealistic compositions found on the walls throughout Europe. By covering the surface with geometrical forms and eerie figures creeping out of nowhere, the artist manages to present dystopian narratives suggestive of the contemporary moment. Alongside his solo projects, Chazme often collaborates with his peers Sepe and Nawer.

This particular painting featuring layered structures reminiscent of a cityscape is a very good example of the artist’s aesthetic.

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Remed - Ex Latent Pre Exaltant

The next artwork on our list devoted to the European street art was made the famous French artist Alby Guillaume aka REMED, best known for his paintings of bearded men influenced by the traditional Moroccan aesthetic, as well as Futurism and Cubism. Although without any formal training, he quickly managed to dazzle the world with his artistic domains. Remed’s works are colorful, humorous and infused with unpretentiousness.

Ex Latent Pre Exaltant is a painting made by Remed in 2016.

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Herakut - detain me. declaw me and drown all my kitten. but I have nine lives and my brother is the lion.

Next up is the work made by a German artist duo named Herakut founded by Jasmin Siddiqui and her partner Falk Lehmann in 2004. They decided to paint because of their fascination with graffiti and the fact it involves hip hop culture, outdoors production and large surfaces accessible to everyone.

This work, fully titled Detain me declaw me and drown all my kitten but I have nine lives and my brother is the lion shows the artists' aesthetic saturated with melancholy as well as their extraordinary craftsmanship.

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Nevercrew - Propagating Machine 3

Nevercrew is a Swiss street art group established by Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni in 1996. They are mostly known for large-scale murals, installations and urban interventions that are based on the artists' articulation of the relationship between nature and humankind.

This particular work titled Propagating Machine 3 is a painting made by the duo in 2018.

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Vesod - Heavy Gravity

Italian street artist Vesod has been active on the European street art scene since the beginning of the 1990s. Influenced by his father Dovilio Brero, a surrealistic painter, Vesod created a personal style largely inspired by mathematics, Renaissance art and Futurism. His immersive compositions feature the artist’s exploration of the human state of mind presented in an unexpected and exciting manner.

Heavy Gravity is a rather futuristic painting made by Vesod in 2016.

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David Walker - Unknown (Wynwood)

The last, but not least is the artwork made by the British artist David Walker, best known for his captivating portraits. The artist usually only uses spray paint, and his multilayered compositions are a result of countless scrawled lines and abstract areas. Therefore, these portraits should be seen as an intersection of graffiti art sensibility, abstraction, and realism.

Walker made this mysterious portrait of a woman called Unknown (Wynwood) in 2016.

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