In Focus Next Week: January 12 - 18

January 11, 2015

At the turn of the year, galleries and art institutions strive to present their best right at the beginning, since getting the first show of the year title marks both the artist and the gallery. The week ahead is filled with amazing openings throughout the art globe, in both high and affordable end of the market. Speaking of market, the new season is about to be announced with the grand LA Art Show next week, which is to bring the hottest and the best of the contemporary and urban art expression to light. It's also the week to be in LA, not only because of the art fair, but for some of the fantastic shows to open. Not to stall, here are the events in focus for the upcoming week.

Robert Larson

American Bloom

Opening: January 15

Joshua Liner Gallery

New York, USA

...Robert Larson is a scavenger, a collector, a wanderer, an urban alchemist transforming the basest of materials – discarded trash – into works of tessellating mosaics, rich in color, tone, and pattern. Larson, unlike most people, sees trash as a unique treasure that he’s been collecting and documenting. The palette for Larson’s work include matchbooks, gum wrappers, lottery tickets, and discarded cigarette packages— items that are remnants of human consumption and an impression of the urban landscape. However, the basis of Larson’s work is his interest in transformation. In his latest exhibition entitled American Bloom opening in two weeks, the artist finds two references – the first one alludes to the popular American Spirit cigarette package, and the second one, “Bloom”, suggests a dynamic transition from minute and easily overlooked matter to something much glorious and inevitable...



Opening: January 16

Artstübli, Basel


...So what lies at the core of the aesthetical language of the street art duo? When talking about the recent years, one can only conclude that the artists have come to be focused on such concepts as mechanism, surreality, memory, choice as well as conflicts, relationships and empathy. Although the structures represent a significant part of any artwork by NEVERCREW, the duo still focuses on the relationship between parts, rendering some other notions – such as time, for instance – be in important aspect of the work. This is also realized on another level, a metanarrative of sorts, since every piece is achieved through the interaction (relationship) of two distinctive, yet so complementary artistic inputs. Finally, an avid observer and a fan of the work by NEVERCREW will certainly see recurring motifs in more recent work by the artists. By using segments of previous creative outputs, the artists are building a “mechanism of memory,” rendering their work accessible on multiple levels…

Mark Jenkins

Moment of Impact

Opening: January 16

Lazarides Rathbone

London, UK

...The debut solo show by Mark Jenkins, Moment of Impact opening January 16th will introduce a new collection of child-sized sculptures constructed in situ alongside mixed-media still life canvases, continuing the artist’s signature themes from his kicked paintings series. Jenkins attempts to remove himself from conceptual ideas associated with creating each artwork, instead focusing on the medium and production process, allowing the finished work to initiate its own relationship with each new space it inhabits. The powerful installations of the Washington based artist transform the ordinary into the sudden, cutting through social standards and provoking powerful intuitive responses. The context in which the installations are viewed undisputedly influences the way in which the works are examined, from public displays to formalized gallery curated exhibitions, each provoking a complex dialogue of questions and open-ended narratives...

Micah Ganske

The Future is Always Tomorrow

Opening: January 17


Los Angeles, USA

...When trying to depict a possible future, Ganske articulates an imaginative potential of technological progress with a particular historical discourse which exists (or has existed). Thus, his constructions of future realities represent a mixture of different time periods, rendering the work to be a meditation not only on technology, but (even more so) on human relations, social structure, as well as cultural consequences of times gone by. In terms of methodology, Ganske’s practice is quite an exciting one. When it comes to this most recent body of work, the artist created sculptures of vessels he had envisioned as platforms supporting human life and destined to explore distant galaxies and extraterrestrial worlds. However, in this exploration of the radical otherness, the artist does not forget the inherently humanistic aspect to the entire narrative, as his sculptures take forms of human body parts...

LA Art Show 2015

Opening: January 14

Los Angeles Convention Center

This year's LA Art show is celebrating 20 year anniversary of the event. The art fair was founded in 1994 as a small regional art show with only 14 participating galleries, while today it hosts over 120 galleries from across the world, while having a dynamic side programming. In the past two decades LA Art Show has become one of the leading art fairs events on the American West Coast, showcasing the latest artistic achievements in the field of contemporary, but also urban contemporary art.

In terms of urban art, an entire section is dedicated to the expression. Curated by the Red Truck Gallery, Littletopia is to show a selection of the best galleries dedicated to street and urban art, along with the new and lowbrow expressions such as pop surrealism.

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