Multicolore Group Exhibition at Galerie Hegemann Presents Three International Artists

Exhibition Announcements

September 4, 2016

Three renowned international artists will present their works during the upcoming exhibition at Galerie Hegemann in Munich. Entitled Multicolore, the show will feature works by Gerhard Neumaier from Germany, RABARAMA from Italy, and by Russian-born artist Yulia Kazakova currently based in Berlin. These three artists use different media and styles, but their paintings and sculptures are characterized by the use of strong colors. Neumaier creates paintings with strong colors using his special brush, RABARAMA makes sculptures with colored patterns, symbols, letters and numbers, while Kazakova creates expressive paintings.

stroke anmelden bocho fair kunst igor
RABARAMA - Shih, 2010, painted Bronce, 35 x 52 x 50 cm

Gerhard Neumaier and Yulia Kazakova

German painter from Baden-Baden, Gerhard Neumaier, has been exhibited widely, mainly in his home country, at venues such as Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin and Sammlung Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart. In the process, Neumaier uses special brush and palette-knife technique to create paintings with strong colors usually depicting flora and fauna. At first sight, the artist’s paintings appear to be a depiction of roadside vegetation. That is the perception from longer distance. Once a viewer gets closer to the composition, it’s possible to see a number of drops, dots and small lines. Neumaier actually creates surrealistic paintings, almost abstract. Still, the abstraction ends in objectivity, leaving a viewer with mixed perceptions.

The exhibition Multicolore will also feature works by Moscow-born Yulia Kazakova. She has been living in Berlin since 1998, and has exhibited internationally. This young artist is known for her expressive paintings. Kazakova is concerned with the basic elements of industrial culture, and she explores the aesthetic of the ruins. The artist, however, does not criticize industrial culture per se, but is rather interested in objects, such as buildings or factories, as forensic witnesses of technological progress that never ends. Her paintings often represent dystopian nightmares and futuristic dreams of post-industrial world.

stroke anmelden bocho fair kunst igor
Gerhard Neumaier - Red point, 2014, Oil on Simopor, 145 x 145 cm


RABARAMA, alias Paola Epifani, was born in 1969 in Rome. She became interested in sculpture in early childhood. She attended the Art School of Treviso and later on she enrolled to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. RABARAMA’s contemporary sculpture practice has been widely acclaimed and recognized. Her specific style is characterized by the use of symbols, letters, decorative ornaments and hieroglyphics that can be found all over her sculptures of men, women and eccentric genderless hybrid creatures. Her art examines the relationship and love between humanity and nature. In the artist’s well-known writing Skin Art Manifesto, she explains that skin enables humans to be connected with each other, and to feel the world around us – water, earth, air and other natural elements. In RABARAMA’s sculptures it is possible to identify her idea of relational function of our bodies and our skin – to feel each other and to feel to world that surrounds us.

exhibition at galerie hegemann
Yulia Kazakova - Auf der Suche nachh... #2, 2016, 130 x 200 cm

Multicolore – An Exhibition at Galerie Hegemann

The upcoming exhibition at Galerie Hegemann brings together three extraordinary artists whose practices and techniques are different, but all the works that will be displayed challenge the visual perception of viewers. The group show Multicolore is a unique opportunity to see art pieces by these three artists at same time, in one place. The show will be on view from September 2 until October 8, 2016 at Galerie Hegemann in Munich. The vernissage is scheduled for Friday, September 2, 6-9pm. All artists will be present.

Featured Image: Rabarama - Sole nero, Bronze koloriert, detail, 2015; Yulia Kazakova - Auf der Suche nachh... #2, 2016, 130 x 200 cm. All Images courtesy of Galerie Hegemann.

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