When You Want Exposure: Jonathan Yeo at Circle Culture Gallery

July 10, 2015

Jonathan Yeo doesn’t need additional exposure being one of British most prominent Contemporary painters. The artist known for his realistic and unapologetic portraits, in his new solo show exposes hyper-sexualized representation of human body and the pornographic underlying of advertisements. Exposure solo exhibition consists of Jonathan Yeo’s Leaf Works that are created as an extension of his Porn Series that deals with the proliferation of the body in media contents. The exhibition will include paintings that were previously displayed in New York and Los Angeles but also new works created especially for the visitors of Circle Culture gallery in Hamburg.

Circle Culture gallery, Hamburg
Jonathan Yeo - Pere Lachaise Diptych, 2015

Leaf Series at Circle Culture Gallery

Exposure exhibition will present the works from Jonathan Yeo’s acclaimed Leaf Series that question the hyper-sexualization of human body in the media. The series consists of foliage collages with the pornography structures cleverly hidden underneath. Jonathan Yeo’s Porn series started back in 2007 with the notorious portrait of George W. Bush and continued with the portraits of other famous people who have in certain ways, traded their sexual morality. The problem of pornography in everyday life has captured the attention of the author after the birth of his second daughter. The artist was concerned and appalled by the increasing objectification of women in advertising industry that has become so acceptable that it’s almost inconspicuous.

Circle Culture gallery, Hamburg
Left : Jonathan Yeo - Planten & Blomen, 2015 / Right : Jonathan Yeo - Wandsworth Common, 2015

Pornographic Subtext of Exposure

The artworks created for Exposure exhibition are condemning the modern society while at the same time mirroring it. Delicate falling petals reveal the fragments of reproductive organs and sexual acts, undoubtedly much less romantic imagery. The pornographic component is so overwhelmingly present in the media that it has become inseparable from other content and invisible just like the genitals on the canvases. Concealment of the sexual acts in Jonathan Yeo’s imagery was taken even further with the wallpaper inspired artworks that will be presented at Circle Culture gallery in Hamburg. The wallpaper pattern hides pornographic material with maximal efficiency while the artist incorporates leaf portrayed sex subtext in his works. Additionally, the British artist will display a series of artworks inspired by classical nudes. Artworks such as Catherine and Pepper, are toying with the cannons of art history while incorporating explicit pornographic elements to what’s considered to be an acceptable depiction of nude human body.

Circle Culture gallery, Hamburg
Jonathan Yeo - Green Park, 2015

Exposure at Circle Culture Gallery in Hamburg

Exposure exhibition at Circle Culture gallery in Hamburg will open on Thursday, July 10th. Opening reception will be held the previous day July 9th, from 7 pm till 9 pm. This will be the first exhibition for Jonathan Yeo in Hamburg and his second in Circle Culture having exhibited in their Berlin gallery in 2012. Exposure solo show explores the artist's fascination with human body and identity and the way it’s being affected by society. This will be the first and possibly the last time Jonathan Yeo's Leaf series of works are shown together, as a group in their own right. The exhibition will last till September 18th, 2015 at Circle Culture gallery in Hamburg.

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All images cortesy of Jonathan Yeo

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