William Monk at Kohn Gallery

May 23, 2015

For those who didn’t know where the clouds are growing, there is an open space in Los Angeles to find out. The Cloud is Growing in the Trees, and particularly on the paintings of William Monk. Kohn Gallery exhibits the work of an artist who considers painting as a slow medium, but nevertheless his own paintings are instantly calling for spectator`s flow of associations. And that is what is most valuable when it comes to art: involve others into artist frame of mind.

William Monk – Untitled (universum), 2014
William Monk - Untitled (universum), 2014

First Time at Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles

Exhibition The Cloud is Growing in the Trees is a peak point of long-lasting search for true and deep connection between the art object and spectator that William Monk made. His atmospheric works are oil on canvas, on which new universes are being created, one for each spectator. Monk is London-based artist, well known for his work and recognized by now on European artistic map. He won Royal Award for Painting and Jerwood Painting Prize, after which he set for a touring exhibition that lasted a year. For the first time, audience in Los Angeles has the honor to welcome Monk and his work.

William Monk – Untitled (silver sky II), 2014
William Monk - Untitled (silver sky II), 2014

Recognizable Link Made by William Monk

Looking closely at the paintings that Monk will exhibit this time in Los Angeles make spectator do the meditation together with the author. Power of his work is in the magic it does for the audience: instantly they are attracted to the painting, trying to resolve the puzzle of rhythmically duplicated atmosphere: the same that the art and its consumer share between.
Therefore, depicted forests, galaxies and roads are those around us, but also galaxies far far away. Paintings are there for those who wants to admire in silence and for those who wants to go to some mysterious places where anything can happen.

William Monk – Untitled (electric ant), 2014
William Monk - Untitled (electric ant), 2014

Reveal Atmospheric Magic of Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas of William Monk are not just used as technique of artist sketching the subject on it, but building a bridge, or sometimes the rainbow, clouds and cloudy forest – all for the aim of better connection that is going to be made in the space, in front of the art work, creating an atmospheric magic that will last even after the spectator leave the gallery.

Exhibition of William Monk will take place at Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles. Opening reception will be held Friday, May 29th, and exhibition will be on view through June 27th, 2015.

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Featured image: William Monk – Untitled (silver sky), 2014.
All images are courtesy of Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles.

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