Fabien Castanier Opens a New Space in Bogota !

September 29, 2015

After one year of prosperous work in Culver City, California, Fabien Castanier Gallery is opening a brand new exhibition space in Bogotá, Colombia. Established in 2002 Fabien Castanier Gallery concentrates on the interdisciplinary art practice from painting and photography to new media and video works. Ever since the founding, the gallery has done a great job in introducing emerging artists and international talents to the West Coast audience and with their new exhibition space, this collaboration between the international art scenes will continue on a grander scale.

Fabien Castanier Gallery Bogota
Fabien Castanier Gallery - New exhibition space in Bogota

From Culver City to Colombia

Fabien Castanier Gallery moved to Culver City district last year in May, and ever since the results were more than positive. The gallery thrived in the vibrant artistic environment, and shortly became one of the landmarks for those interested in urban and contemporary arts. Inspired by what turned out to be a great move, the gallery founder Fabien Castanier decided to expand the programming in order to include even more international artists and to intensify the international collaboration. The new exhibition space will open during the first week of October in the Colombian emerging arts district in San Felipe, historical neighborhood recently revitalized through the collective work of artists, collectors, and gallery owners. Gallery in Bogotá will continue to develop the underlined goals, and it will focus closely on the Latin American artists, bridging the gallery program in Bogotá with the one in LA.

Mark Jenkins exhibition fabien castanier bogota colombia saturday los angeles
Mark Jenkins - Still Life exhibition at Fabien Castanier in Culver City

Group Exhibition Dando Papaya Celebrates the New Space

The exhibition which will mark the opening of the new space is entitled Dando Papaya and it will feature works of seven graffiti, urban and contemporary artists. The roster will include four French artists and their colleagues from the US and Italy. Among the French artists are Ludo, famous for his environmentally conscious graffiti works, Rero whose art can be defined as an interesting mixture of urban and conceptual art elements, graffiti artist Tilt, and one of French street art pioneers – Speedy Graffito. The line-up will also include two American contemporary artists JonOne known for his graffiti influenced works and photographer Mark Jenkins whose works are currently on view at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Culver City. The last, but not the least important is the Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti who works in various mediums from illustrations to installations.

Fabien Castanier Gallery Bogota
Fabien Castanier Gallery in Bogota, Colombia

Fabien Castanier in Bogotá – The Grand Opening

The opening ceremony, celebrated with the collective show Dando Papaya is scheduled for October 2nd and October 3rd, 2015 from 10 am to 6 pm. After the opening, the exhibition will be on view through October 31st at the new gallery space of Fabien Castanier Gallery in San Felipe Arts District in Bogotá Colombia. Rather than the new beginning, this initiative is a continuation of the great programming the gallery is famous and respected for, and after the Dando Papaya exhibition, the program at the new space will continue with the Miaz Brothers solo show.

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All images courtesy of Fabien Castanier

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