October 15, 2013

Faith 47 the autodidactic urban artist, has completed her mural for the Los Muros Hablan street art festival in Puerto Rico. Her most recent mural depicts a girl, carrying in her left hand a lantern, whilst having a golden swan swung over her right shoulder. This new mural reminds viewers of Faith’s artistic origins.

As a graphic designer Faith 47 learned to communicate messages in illustrations, drawings and later in paintings. Her background is still remarkably visible making the strong messages of her work subtle but yet forceful. Faith tries to convey a message that is abstract and definite by looking at meaning of existential things like life, death, freedom, authority and respect. Faith 47 explains this reoccurring theme as a consequence of her experiences made in her hometown Cape Town: “My experiences painting on the street have bled over into my studio work and into these prints, bringing in the moods and textures of the urban environment as well as the scrawling’s, sentences, poems and texts that are left behind by disenfranchised homeless people, stowaways and gangs tags that I’ve been documenting over the past few years. Much of Faith’s studio work is noticeably street inspired. Faith 47 does not include graffiti or stencil elements but reconstructs street scenery.  Many of her canvases’ include writing, word or tags that appear random in context with a holy Lady Justice with a swan beside her. This Dadaistic street-expressionism is signature for Faith 47. She loves to experiment with contrasts and opposites, and while doing so she creates street art masterpieces. She combines the fine arts with raw urban art. This is exemplified by ‘Illumination’, a recent street art mural in Tudela, Spain. The piece shows Virgin Mary surrounded by fawn standing above the sentence “Here will I spend my happy days”.

Her current mural ‘Marauders’ at Universidad de Puerto Rico reads: “La oscuridad viene antes del amanecer” (The dark comes before dawn). Again exhibiting the positive use of words to enhance the contrasting meaning of her work.

Pictures from Faith 47 mural at Los Muros Hablan street art festival

New Faith 47 mural 2
Faith 47 mural for Los Muros Hablan street art festival

New Faith 47 mural
Faith 47 mural for Los Muros Hablan street art festival 2

Pictures retrieved from: streetartnews

Faith 47 canvas
Faith 47 studio work "we try to stay on land"

Faith 47 street art work
Faith 47 street art "Illumination"

Pictures retrieved from: Faith 47

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