Andrew Salgado Curates Fantasy of Representation Exhibition at Beers Contemporary London

July 29, 2015

What art is supposed to represent is a question that is troubling artists worldwide through different periods of time. The answers vary depending on the individual style or the aesthetic postulate of particular movement with a central debate being whether art should represent objects or search for the ideas of them. And if you decide to represent nature, should you do it realistically of imaginatively? The question is to be answered in the Fantasy of Representation group painting exhibition held at Beers Contemporary Gallery in London in works of eighteen artists, both established and emerging ones.

Beers Contemporary
Left: Lou Ros - INC5, 2015. Acrylic, oil and pastal on canvas - 40 x 40cm / Right: Sverre Bjertnes - The New State, 2015. Mixed media on canvas - 220 x 160cm

Representational Painting Exhibition in London

Figurative painting became forgotten or dismissed after the rise of abstractionism as a dominant artistic approach to painting in the 20th century. While abstract art became highly respected as an artistic practice that can catch the very essence of objects, representational art was pushed to the margins of the art scene, lingering and waiting for a better time to come. Since its revival during the 80’s representational art and figurative painting have reestablished their place in the world of contemporary art and the aim of this exhibition is to show how abstract art sometimes gets lost in the idealist space, telling nothing to the spectators, while figurative art often gets closer to the essence of the represented objects. The representational art depends on the objects it depicts but isn’t deprived of imagination which is a stronghold in the works of these artists who refuse to copy the objects and portray people in their nature-like forms, filtering the representation through fantasy and at the same time staying true to the aesthetic requirements of figurative painting.

Beers Contemporary
Left: Eckart Hahn - Soaps, 2015. Acrylic on canvas - 60 × 45cm / Right: Scott Anderson - Suregum, 2015. Oil and crayon on canvas - 84 x 76cm

Fantasy of Representation Participants

The list of the participants will include well-known painters and emerging talents in the field of figurative painting. Works of eighteen artists will be showcased in the Fantasy of Representation group exhibition and the roster will feature: Hurvin Anderson, Francis Bacon, Gary Hume, Alexander Tinei, Dale Adcock, Scott Anderson, Sverre Bjertnes, Alison Blickle, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Blake Daniels, Eckart Hahn, Aaron Holz, Adam Lee, Jenny Morgan, Justin Ogilvie, Lou Ros, Andrew Salgado, and Dominic Shepherd. This cross selection of artists shows the greatest achievements in the contemporary field of figurative painting, demonstrating how much this movement evolves with every new artist who brings his fresh and imaginative look onto the practice. Some of the greatest achievements of contemporary representational art will be on view during the Fantasy of Representation exhibition and the event is not to be missed if you want to follow up on the development of the field.

Beers Contemporary
Left: Andrew Salgado - Sad Tommy II, 2015. Oil on linen - 46 x 40cm / Right: Daniel Crews-Chubb - Looking into the Sun (Pink Face), 2015. Oil, spray paint, and pastel on canvas - 160 x 110cm

Fantasy of Representation Group Show at Beers Contemporary

The Fantasy of Representation exhibition will open on July 31st and it will stay on view until 19th September, 2015. The preview of the show is scheduled for July 30th, 2015, from 6 pm to 9 pm at Beers Contemporary in London. The exhibition will be guest-curated by Andrew Salgado, London-based artist who is also one of the participants in the Fantasy of Representation exhibition. The price of the artworks on display will range from £550 to £18,000.

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Featured images:
Dale Adcock – Lady, 2015. Oil on linen - 124 x 93cm, detail
Hurvin Anderson - Skinny Dipping, 1999. Oil on canvas - 160 x 246cm
Justin Ogilvie - Peasant Ghost, 2015. Oil on canvas - 84 x 66cm, detail

All images courtesy of Beers Contemporary Gallery

Scroll down for a comprehensive preview of exhibited works...

Beers Contemporary
Left: Aaron Holz - Put Me Out, 2013. Oil, acrylic & resin on panel, reclaimed wood - 42 x 46cm / Right: Francis Bacon - Head Drawing. Pencil on Paper - 50 x 35cm

Beers Contemporary
Left: Adam Lee - Hermitage, 2015. Oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas - 70 x 85cm / Right: Alison Blickle - Talisman, 2015. Oil on canvas - 122 x 91cm

Beers Contemporary
Left: Jenny Morgan - The Flood, 2013. Oil on Canvas - 91 x 76cm / Right: Justin Ogilvie - Peasant Ghost, 2015. Oil on canvas - 84 x 66cm

Beers Contemporary
Left: Alexander Tinei - Tree, 2013. Oil on canvas - 80 x 60cm / Right: - Dale Adcock - Lady, 2015. Oil on linen - 124 x 93cm

Beers Contemporary
Left: Dominic Shepherd - Quark, Strangeness and Charm, 2010. Oil on canvas 35 x 31cm / Right: Gary Hume - Untitled. 6 x 4cm

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