Smile Britannia Charity Auction

December 13, 2014

The weekend is upon us and if there is an event concerning street art and urban art, then it is surely the goodhearted auction known as Smile Britannia. On December 13th 2014, the Houses of Parliament will open their doors for a second annual edition of Smile Britannia. This inspiring charitable event is a collaboration between London Westbank Gallery, the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation and Temwa. These kind people and organizations have helped thousands around the world with money raised one year ago. Using art as a way of reaching out to those in need is, surely, one of the most efficient forms of distributing help. Tickets to this event cost £100 and, for the first time, this year an online auction is provided for those who cannot make it to the event…

Charity Auction
lot 25 - Andy Council - Londinium Drakos - The London Dragon

Channeling the Help Where It Is Needed

The people who had made this event possible have been working hard to provide help to those who need it most. The Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation, through DJ’s performances in over 43 countries contributed to the funding of clean drinking water project in rural India. The London Westbank Gallery worked with “Goldfinger Factory” in order to empower disadvantaged communities in London through art, providing young people with new skills. Finally, Temwa participated in the training of over 1,400 Malawian farmers in sustainable agricultural practices. This knowledge is now something that those families can pass on to future generations. The charity also supported groups of vulnerable HIV positive teenagers to access vital information on health…

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Charity Auction
lot 1 - Copyright - Harmony From Chaos - detail

Charity Auction
lot 22  - Chapter - Flower Skull 3 (detail)

Artists and Artwork

There are some amazing pieces available for bidding within this year’s Smile Britannia charity auction, including an oil on canvas by Pablo Picasso, Buste de Femme, under lot 55, estimated at €14,000,000. We bring you a rundown of some of the artwork we had found interesting. Check out the eleven lots which the Widewalls team found to be something to look out for. So, have a look at our picks and enjoy!

Charity Auction
lot 15 - Beejoir - Money Trap

Charity Auction
lot 2 - Chapter - Time Is

Charity Auction
lot 58 - Nick Walker - Royal Doulton

Banksy, Inkie, Mr. Jago, Copyright and Schoony

Just from the list of the names above, most of art lovers, especially those of us who feel a special connection to the world of street art, know that the works of these extraordinary creatives can bring a dose of excitement we are all craving for. So, without further adieu, we point your attention to these inspiring lots. We begin with lots which are reserved for the two legends of the Bristol scene. A Banksy piece titled Grannies (lot 52) is an unsigned screenprint on paper, with dimensions of 70 x 50 cm. The asking price for this piece by street art’s Robin Hood is £4,000. As for the lot number 11, a piece titled Deco Liz Aqua, by Inkie has the asking price of £550. This is a true gem of the auction, as it is a silkscreen print with 24 ct gold leaf and black diamond dust and it is AP 3 of 5. Another British artist’ work can be seen under lot number 1. A spray painter and an educated photographer and video maker – Copyright – is the creator of a piece titled Harmony From Chaos. It is an acrylics on canvas (70 x 100 cm) which has a starting price of £1,700. Under lot 5, we have an Indian Ink, spraypaint and acrylic on paper piece by an urban art virtuoso from UK, Mr. Jago. The piece titled Van Dyke Two (131 x 82 cm) has a starting price set at £1,560. Finally, under lot number 9 we have an interesting piece by the special effects and prosthetics master Schoony. Piece titled A Bubble is a resin and mixed media composition (45 x 60 cm) and a starting price set at £1,750.

Charity Auction
lot 11 - INKIE - Deco Liz Aqua

Charity Auction
lot 13 - DANK - Puddles

Charity Auction
lot 55 - Banksy - Grannies

Beejoir, Chapter, Fin DAC, Nick Walker, David Walker and DANK

The artist focusing on political commentary is the creator of a giclee print piece (edition of 12, 100 x 100 cm). Under lot 15, we have an interesting artwork titled Money Trap by Beejoir. The starting price is set at £650. Next up, we point your attention to lots number 2, 22 and 23. Here, you will find pieces by Chapter. First is a print on Hannemuhle paper titled Time Is (100 x 100 cm). It’s starting price is set at £1,500. Under lot 22, we have a 60 x 40 cm print titled Flower Skull 3 (£200) and under lot 23 another 60x 60 cm print (£150) titled Nu Butterfly Stars. Another piece to look out for is a paper collage (49 x 78 cm) by London based artist from Ireland – Fin DAC. The piece is titled Agent o Lightning Strice No. 2 with a start price of £650. Next up, we have a hand painted bone china piece (23 x 14.5 x 16 cm) by the very talented Nick Walker. The piece titled Royal Doulton is under lot 56 (£200 - £400). Also, under lot 46, there is quite an inspiring spraypaint on canvas piece (100 x 100 cm) by artist David Walker. The piece is titled Jessica (Pose 1. Miami) - £2,500. And, last but not least, be sure to check out the mixed media on canvas piece (77 x 102 x 4 cm) by DANK. The artwork titled Puddles is under lot 13 with a starting price of £1,500. Also, be sure to check out the catalogue of the show at the end of this page.

Among the total of 55 lots, this is our selection of pieces to look out for. If you have a chance bid for one of the artworks, it is for a good cause! In the meantime, create a profile via My Widewalls and always be informed about upcoming charity auctions and events!

Charity Auction
lot 46 - David Walker - Jessica (Pose 1. Miami)

Charity Auction
lot 40 - Fin DAC - Agent O Lightning Strike No. 2

Charity Auction
lot 5 - Mr Jago - Van Dyke Two

Charity Auction
lot 9 - Schoony - A Bubble

Charity Auction
lot 42 - K-Guy - Love is a Losing Game

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