Everyday's Poetry - Fernando Botero Artwork at Anna Laudel Contemporary

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April 27, 2017

Fernando Botero artwork is truly unique and easily recognizable. Columbia's most celebrated living painter and sculptor has been known for his subject’s proportional exaggerations and distortions, aiming to represent anything from political criticism to humor, depending on what the goal is. Anna Laudel Contemporary will host a multi-disciplinary exhibition that will bring together a rich selection of paintings, drawings and bronze and marble sculptures by this internationally renowned master. Titled Everyday’s Poetry – Scenes from the Fullness of Life, the exhibition will display critically acclaimed works that have never been previously exhibited in Turkey, offering art lovers, connoisseurs, and collectors in Istanbul an exclusive opportunity to discover and experience Botero’s inspirational creations.

colombian artist was born in 1932 and has family and latin people are in colombia
Left: Fernando Botero -The Bedroom, 2009 / Right: Fernando Botero - The Hunter, 2011

A Distinctive Pictorial Identity

Botero’s hyper-inflated, voluptuous figures form one of the most unique bodies of work in 20th- and 21st-century art. Inspired by the high Renaissance and Spanish Baroque, but also Mexican muralism, he has developed a distinctive pictorial identity imbued with an incisive sense of humor and human empathy. Drawing from his Colombian heritage in a variety of ways, his work carries many satirical, ironic, social-critical, political and humanistic implications. Focusing on the presentation of characteristic social types, he creates subjects that act as performers of social identities and domestic and public situations of everyday life. While Botero’s paintings frequently mimic the subject matter and compositions of past masters, his bulbous renderings of these familiar images are often interpreted as gestures of irony or caricature.

born in 1932 the colombian creative made many works oil paintings and sculpture inspired by latin home colombian people and family
Left: Fernando Botero - The President, 2003 / Right: Fernando Botero - Woman with Her Purse, 2010

Wide Range of Botero’s Artistic Creativity

As Botero once described his own work“All the elements of my work as a painter and sculptor spring from the same spirit: namely, from my passion for volumes.” Featuring a wide range of Botero’s artistic practice, the exhibition will reflect the artist’s exploration of human experiences characterized with a socio-political insight and characteristically subtle ironic wit. Covering his typical themes and subjects, the exhibition will take visitors on a journey through the intriguing artist’s aesthetic, commonly known as Boterismo. The exposition will highlight his idiosyncratic tendency to portray corpulent bodies, showing his successful observations and descriptions of the everyday human life.

born in 1932 he found inspiration in the american style of depicting figures home and family in his paintings
Left: Fernando Botero - Man and Woman 2013 / Right: Naked Woman on the Chair 2013

Fernando Botero Artwork at Anna Laudel Contemporary

The exhibition Everyday’s Poetry – Scenes from the Fullness of Life will immerse visitors in the colorful and inspiring world of this internationally renowned artist. Curated by Dr. Klaus Wolbert, the exhibition will be on view at Anna Laudel Contemporary in Istanbul from April 27th to June 25th, 2017. It will be held across three floors of exhibition space in Karaköy, Bankalar Street.

Featured images: Fernando Botero - Woman Lying on Her Stomach, 2006; Woman with Her Hand on Her Knee, 2005; Fernando Botero - Lying Woman, 2013; Fernando Botero - Lying Woman, 2006; Left: Fernando Botero - Pigeon, 2014 / Right: Fernando Botero - The Sleep-Walker, 2001; Left: Fernando Botero - Horse 2010 / Right: Fernando Botero - Il ratto di Europa, 2008; Fernando Botero - Still Life with Couple, 2013; Fernando Botero - Guitar Player, 2003; Left: Fernando Botero - The Street, 2010 / Right: Fernando Botero - Woman on the Horse; Left: Fernando Botero - Man Eating, 2002 / Right: Fernando Botero - The Nanny, 2012; Left: Fernando Botero - Little Girl with Cat, 2009 / Right: Fernando Botero - Woman with Cat, 2011; Left: Fernando Botero - In the Park, 2003 / Right: Fernando Botero -
Woman with Bag and Umbrella, 1989. All images courtesy of Anna Laudel Contemporary.

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