On the Road with Street Artist Add Fuel

March 13, 2018

Welcome! Widewalls has teamed up with Doug Gillen from Fifth Wall TV to spread his (video) word on urban art today! Stay tuned for more.

On the road is a new series to Fifth Wall TV that looks at life behind the scenes of the street art world. Taking you to Hong Kong, Scotland, New York and beyond we'll be getting to know what it's like working on a street art festival, setting up an art fair and having a nosy around artist's home towns and studios.

In this first episode I head to the seaside town of Cascais in Portugal to meet up with Diogo Machado, the artist known as Add Fuel. We celebrate the launch of his first book, talk about the contemporary title culture and both try tinned sardines for the first time.

Fifth Wall TV is a platform I've set up to try and put a new light on street art and urban contemporary culture. Opening up conversations about the nuts and bolts of the scene whilst talking about projects that deserve a bit of attention.

Finally I'd like to say thanks to Widewalls for giving me a platform to push the conversation.

- Doug


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