With Icy & Sot on the Greek Island of Lesbos

July 11, 2019

Filmed over a week, Giving Plants takes a candid look at life inside what is widely regarded as Europe's biggest humanitarian crisis and the simple effect plants and flowers can have on such an eco-system.

In the past few years, we have made works about immigration and refugee crisis. When we decided to go to a refugee camp in Greece, we thought we should do something more than just another installation. We came up with the idea of giving flower plants and making a vegetable garden, because at the end they can get from the garden and flowers makes people happy. It was wonderful to see that actually put a smile on people's faces for a moment.

We know this project didn’t really change anything for those people.

Since EU closed their borders, they are stuck in the camps up to 3 years in some cases, while not knowing how long they have to wait and conditions are inhumane. In “Moria Camp”, asylum seekers are suffering to get a safe and adequate accommodation, basic hygiene, food and non-food items, and health care. Asylum seekers, including families with young children, are living in flimsy tents and cramped containers, with an insufficient number of toilets and showers that are also poorly maintained, risking exposure to fecal matter and other health concerns, Most come from war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They come to Europe to be far with the dangers of war, far from hearing bomb explosions, for better future for their kids. They have had exhausting journey. They deserve better, they deserve our support. - Icy & Sot

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Featured images courtesy Doug Gillen and Icy & Sot.

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