On The Streets of NYC With WK Interact

July 18, 2019

WK - STREET NYC celebrates over three decades of work by the French/New York artist WK Interact. Together with Fifth Wall TV, they re-trace the steps the artist took when he first began to make street art throughout New York in the 90's.

Through the eyes of the artist we explore the changes of the city he now calls home.

Coming from a small town from France, to end up in this massive, chaotic city of New York City, to this day I’m still living and working. This video represents a brief snapshot of the many artworks I've created and pasted-up over the last three decades.

Back in France, when I was 18 years old, I began to explore the aesthetics of motion. New York gave me a very special platform to generate an impact and represent my style. I have been fascinated by history and photography and this became a way for me to interact from the past and present.

The photos I took over a decade ago became part of a photographic puzzle of postcards, an analogue timeline of my history. - WK Interact

WK - STREET NYC | Fifth Wall TV

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