Fintan Magee Finds Inspiration in Brisbane Floods in New Exhibition at Backwoods Gallery

November 16, 2015

Backwoods gallery in Melbourne will be the proud host of the exhibition by Fintan Magee, one of Australia’s most prolific artists and world-renowned muralists. It has been two years since Fintan Magee last presented his works in a solo show and in these two years Magee has been working on the new series, influenced by the devastating Brisbane floods which occurred in 2011. Brisbane is a city that has a special place in the life of the artist and the disastrous results of the floods are explored as part of the artist’s personal experience as well as his ever-present fascination with the relationship between humans and their environment.

Fintan Magee exhibition Backwoods Gallery
Left: Fintan Magee - Water World Exhibition / Right: Fintan Magee - Water World Exhibition

The Art of Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee embarked on his artistic journey on the streets of Brisbane as a teenage graffiti writer. Since then his artistry has moved beyond the traditional lettering and towards a unique painting style. This change is partly the result of his fine art education but also Magee’s increasing interest in painting as a medium that can bring to life more complex and sophisticated narratives. His impressive, large-scale mural works, recognizable for their delicate sense of humor and emotional potency, have quickly gained praise in the community of street art enthusiasts in all corners of the globe. Fluctuating between figuration and surrealism, the murals of Fintan Magee are the masterpieces in their own right but also the powerful statements about the pressing issues in contemporary society, which makes them even more appealing and relatable, as they deliver the familiar stories and shared experiences of any citizen of the world.

Fintan Magee Exhibition
Left: Fintan Magee - The Plague. Courtesy of the artist / Right: Fintan Magee - The Rebuild Mural in Kiev, Ukraine. Courtesy of the artist

Brisbane Floods – The Birth of the Water World

The relationship between mankind and environment is probably one of the most explored themes in Fintan Magee’s work. The artist has been exploring the major concerns about the state of our planet in relation to the problems of global warming, pollution and devastating effects the irresponsible human behaviour can have on the environment. Earlier this year we saw his astonishing piece for the Sea Walls festival, an optimistic statement about the sustainability of the marine natural resources once the communities have embraced the responsible attitude towards nature. Hope and optimism play the big role in his new body of work, which explores the personal mark the Brisbane floods have left on the artist in relation to the themes of climate change, migration crisis, destruction and renewal. The studio works created during the last two years, which will be on display over the course of the Water World exhibition, bring the signature imagery of Fintan Magee and have that unique sensibility and emotional vigor that have made this artist one of the most respected Australian talents on the contemporary and street art scene.

Fintan Magee Exhibition
Fintan Magee - Water World Exhibition, artwork detail

Water World Exhibition at Backwoods Gallery

The Water World exhibition will include Fintan Magee’s thirteen new paintings, process drawings, sculptures, installation and a mural inviting the observers to rethink the intricate relations between humankind and its natural habitat. The exhibition will be on view from December 4th through December 13th, 2015 at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Australia with the opening reception scheduled for December 4th at 6 pm.

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Featured image:

Fintan Magee, Water World exhibition artwork, detail

All images courtesy of Backwoods Gallery and Fintan Magee

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