Florian Japp Installation On View at Rockelmann& Berlin

October 3, 2015

Coming for the first time to ROCKELMANN& as a solo exhibitor, Florian Japp is presenting his large-scale installation that will probably confuse some of the visitors, at least at first sight. Entitled Objekt 096, the installation consists of numerous multicolored brackets and links that intertwine and dictate the path the visitors walk. One might get the impression they've found themselves walking through a construction work in progress, or some sort of a checkpoint in roads and airports, but in fact they become a part of Florian Japp's puzzle. Have a look at our list of 10 gripping street art installations where the realities clash.

Florian Japp - Objekt 096, 2015 contact october 2014 open
Florian Japp - Objekt 096, 2015

Florian Japp Rediscovering Objects from our Everyday Life

The Swiss-born artist, based in Berlin, Florian Japp finds inspiration in the puzzles found in our everyday life. From a personal observation the artist rediscovers a specific appearance and functionality of certain objects or equipment. Often leaving emotions out of his work, Japp aims to instigate a reaction from the viewer by presenting the objects in their fragmentary forms. Defying the human nature to constantly identify and label everything that surrounds us, the artist usually names his custom pieces only by numbers and not by names. The artist acknowledges the aesthetic dynamics in these objects, and by isolating them and bringing them into different surroundings he provokes a dialogue between the piece and the viewer.

Florian Japp - Objekt 104, 2015 open
Florian Japp - Objekt 104, 2015

Completeness VS Void

Touching upon the viewer's sensation of familiarity when confronted with a recognizable object, Florian Japp explores our perception of things when seen in a different setting, stripped of their use and functionality. His work has been described as minimalist and pure sculpture, yet it often contains a narrative that explores the balances of power and the starting point of interpretation and concepts of recognition. There is a certain feeling of juxtaposition in Japp’s artwork between the impression of completeness, achieved through pristine, highly polished shapes and an unavoidable sensation of the void. The missing links in Objekt 096 emphasize this feeling of emptiness and impose a play of push and pull between the viewer and the desire to interact with the piece. The ultimate interpretation of the delicate structures is left to the viewer and is only limited by the imagination.

Florian Japp - Objekt 096, 2015 open
Florian Japp - Objekt 096, 2015

Objekt 096 Solo Exhibition by Florian Japp at ROCKELMANN&

Filling out the entire space of the gallery, the artist’s large-scale exhibition presents a game of lines and colors which undeniably evokes a claustrophobic reflex within the labyrinthine setting. The interplay of delicate and coarseness, soft and hardness, structure and smoothness inspires a new level of communication, effectively questioning our ideas of aesthetic, comfort, and mobility. The premier solo exhibition at ROCKELMANN& by Florian Japp is entitled Objekt 096, and it is on view from October 1 – December 5, 2015, at the Berlin gallery. Through an inquisitive way, the artist questions our perception of the things we see and experience in everyday life, guiding the viewer to a moment of recognition.

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All images courtesy of ROCKELMANN& Gallery

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