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June 27, 2019

The history of flowers has been surrounded by symbolism and mythology for thousands of years, affecting our responses and arousing emotions. Many artists have used botanical imagery as a rich visual symbolism, reflecting everything from sexual urges, decay and chastity to promiscuity, passion, sorrow, grief and love.

If you are thinking of adding the flora artwork to your collection, we have prepared a list of ten amazing pieces to consider.

Featured image: Sri Pramono - Flower Park (detail). All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Alex Katz - Summer Flowers

An iconic figure of the 20th-century art, Alex Katz is known for his highly stylized visual vocabulary which developed as a reaction to the ideas of Abstract Expressionism that were blossoming in the United States during the 1950s. Brightly colored, his works are rendered in a flat style that oftentimes resembles the aesthetics of the everyday visual culture commonly found in advertising and cinema.

The artist found inspiration in all type of flowers, transforming wind-blown tiger lilies, marigolds, roses, and petunias into iconic works of Pop art. He first began painting the wildflowers he discovered near his summer home in Maine in the 1950s. Over time, his floral renditions became more vibrant and live, like in Summer Flowers, with stems growing in every direction, petals cascading through the air, and leaves scattered across the composition.

See more details about the work here.

Andy Warhol - Flowers

Embracing the avant-garde logic, mass media and consumerism, Andy Warhol contributed significantly to the collapse of boundaries between high and low culture. Having omnivorous curiosity, he experimented with non-traditional art-making techniques, producing works in a range of media.

Flowers (FS II.6) is part of Warhol’s famous Flowers portfolio which was based on photographs taken by Patricia Caulfield. Taking rather innocuous images, the artist altered them by flattening and cropping the flowers and adding vibrant, contrasting colors. Set against a dark and ambiguous backdrop, these works suggest the ephemeral nature of beauty.

See more details about the work here.

Grant William Thye - Blue Flowers

An American artist based in Chicago, Grant William Thye creates work influenced by Midwest Regionalism and the Chicago Imagists. Although not always obvious, his works are imbued with his personal thoughts, ideas, and concepts.

Between traditions and modernity, the composition of Blue Flowers oscillates between contemporary and ancestral culture.

See more details about the work here.

Henri Matisse - Flowers and Fruits

A French painter and printmaker, Henri Matisse was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Through stylistic innovations, such as the use of brilliant color and exaggerated form, he fundamentally altered the course of modern art and greatly affected the works of several generations of younger painters that followed.

In Flowers and Fruits, the artist experimented with reduced, flat shapes. Matisse realized that the simplification of his drawing and the looseness of his brushwork added to the joy and vitality of the work.

See more details about the work here.

Deborah Claxton - Moon Flower

The American artist Deborah Claxton is known for her images which initially appear as oil paintings, but are actually made of small pieces of paper pierced glued to a board. Incorporating her love for color, drawing and sculpture, she assembles images through and intensive painstaking process which involves drawing a map with hundreds of designated numbered points of colors.

Moon Floweris a hand-cut paper collage that’s a fantastic example of this unique technique.

See more details about the work here.

Maximilian Pruefer - Zwölf Sonnenblumen in einer Vase

Conceptually examining the natural processes and phenomena, the German artist Maximilian Pruefer turns almost every movement into a picture, making the record of it with his own printing system, the so-called Naturantypie. This process involves a highly sensitive printer that creates the smallest contact with the surface, letting out the ink and recording every movement.

Through this technique, the artist created Zwölf Sonnenblumen in einer Vase, which appears as an outline of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

See more details about the work here.

Sri Pramono - Flower Park

An Indonesian contemporary artist, Sri Pramono bases his work on human problems, nature problems, or a combination of both, such as nature damage caused by human activity, over-exploitation that influences global life.

Flower Park is a visualization of the beauty of the tropical forest with its various flora and fauna.

See more details about the work here.

Kinu Kamura - Mme Aki

A French-Japanese artist, Kinu Kamura has always been attracted to minimal aesthetics, creating simple installations using mostly raw and sober materials. Documented and recorded, her working process almost becomes a work in itself.

So is the case with the work Mme Aki, which reflects the process but also the context surrounding this specific moment and place where ideas are born and materialized.

See more details about the work here.

Chen Yiching - Liniere (Flax Field)

Chen Yiching is a contemporary master of nihon-ga or traditional Japanese painting, a technique comprised of using only the most natural of materials, such as wood, paper, rock, sand, bone, to create the artwork. The artist mixes pigments obtained thanks to minerals such as azurite or malachite with a special type of glue made from the skin and bones of fish or other animals.

Created in 2018, Liniere (Flax Field) is an impressive example of this complex and demanding technique.

See more details about the work here.

Irene Lopez Leon - Vega

The focal point of the Spanish artist Irene Lopez Leon's work is a simple yet peculiar exploration of human imagination. Her works are characterized by vivid colors, authentic composing of geometrical pictorial elements and overall futuristic effect.

The work Vega appears as a distant world or realm where timeless, holistic, inductive, symbolic and are playing with temporal and spatial logic.

See more details about the work here.

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