Freaks and Americana at Corey Helford

January 22, 2015

Roll up! Roll up! The freaks are coming to town and if we are honest, we all love the freaks and if you happen to be in Culver City, California, I suggest you put on your Sunday best clothes and head down to the Corey Helford Gallery to catch the new group show Freaks and Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture that will be home to the wonderful artworks of thirty two artists. The Corey Helford Gallery (that has been host to the delightful Soey Milk Sinavro exhibition along with the beautiful works of Beau Stanton in the Cartography of the Machine exhibition) invite you into the dark and bizarre world of freaks and the Big Top to enjoy a series of works from the darker side of Americana.

Corey Helford Gallery
Tom Bagshaw - The Conjuring, one off digital painting on cotton rag stock, mounted on board, hand embellished with acrylic and varnish

Big Top Culture

We’ve probably all dreamed about running away with the circus to lead a colourful life on the road filled with bizarre freaks and leading an outsider life, the group show Freaks and Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture at the Corey Helford Gallery lets us take a peek behind the curtain and the make up with a selection of bold and diverse works of art far outside the traditional confines of normal life. Let’s enter the Big Top with the wonderfully weird characters that appear in a selection of tintype (Check out the gorgeous tintype prints in the Seductive and Vintage by Ed Ross article to get an idea of how they look) prints from the always creative Beau Stanton (Read more about his amazing Tenebras Lux show held in a crypt in Bristol in this Beau Stanton’s Sacred Space article), such as the Sword Swallower and The Bearded Lady, exactly the sort of characters that set the imagination racing. And then we have the stuff of some people’s nightmares, Clown School by the legendary Ron English (here you can take a look at the Why Ron English Paints Guernica and his many versions, over fifty, of the famous Guernica painting by Picasso) featuring one of the scariest looking clowns you can find. John Wentz (whom you can read about in this Littletopia article) chips in with a tribute to P.T. Barnum, founder of the renowned Barnum and Bailey circus.

Corey Helford Gallery
Brandi Milne - How Again To Begin, acrylic on wood

Freaks and Americana

Other notable freaks that are appearing in the Freaks and Americana: An Exploration of Big top Culture include the typo art of Eine (read more in the Ben Eine Solo Premier in New York article) and a beautiful piece by Hueman titled Giraffe Woman (see how she creates her wonderful images in this Pleasurepain time lapse video). The images and artists for the group show Freaks and Americana are as wide ranging as the beautiful people you would come across in the Big Top, from the delicate graphite works of Nicomi Nix Turner to the dark imagery found in the oil paintings of David Stoupakis via the fantasy like work of Brandi Milne and Carol Liu through to the graphic styling of Shag otherwise known as Josh Agle (who you can see featured in this article about The Afterlife show). Freaks and Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture is a wonderfully bizarre and beautiful collection of images that lets us escape, albeit briefly, to the wonderful world of the carnival. Artists Appearing in Freaks and Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture: Annie Owens, Beau Stanton, Billy Norrby, Brandi Milne, Bumblebeelovesyou, Carlos Ramos, Colin Christian, David Stoupakis, Eine, Eric Joyner, Greg Gossel, Hueman, John Wentz, Melissa Forman, Michael Hussar, Michael Mararian, Nouar, Ron English, Sas Christian, Shag (Josh Agle), Sylvia Ji, Tom Bagshaw, Victor Castillo, Yosuke Ueno, Carol Liu, Nicomi Nix Turner, Luke Chueh, Sarah Folkman, Selena Wong, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Stephen Ibbot.

The group show Freaks and Americana: An Exploration of Big Top Culture opens at the Corey Helford Gallery on the 24th January 2015 and runs through until February 7th 2015. Opening reception Saturday 24th January, 2015.7-10pm.

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Corey Helford Gallery
Left: Yosuke Ueno - One (Scissors and Butterfly), acrylic on canvas / Right: Jasmine Beckett-Grittith - Bosch Circus, acrylic painting on masonite panel

Corey Helford Gallery
Jasmine Beckett-Grittith - Bosch Circus Detail, acrylic painting on masonite panel

Corey Helford Gallery
Carol Liu - Winter Circus Detail, oil on canvas

Corey Helford Gallery
Carol Liu - Winter Circus, oil on canvas

Corey Helford Gallery
Shag (Josh Agle) - Paternity, acrylic on panel

All images courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery.

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