Gabi Trinkaus Upcycles Magazines and Turns them into Intricate Artworks

May 22, 2016

Wooden floors of the artistic studio covered with heaps of torn magazines. The Viennese flat full of faces and white canvases. The Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus has an exhibition at Claire Oliver Gallery. Gabi creates collages which depict the unraveling of superficiality and the depths of misbeliefs imposed by the society. Her large-scale works seem like the portraits of flawless men and women when seen from a distance, but on a closer look, the viewer is able to see all the layers that reveal the cracks on their perfect skin. Just like in real life, her artworks show that nothing is made perfect, that no one is without a flaw, that nothing is what it seems. The cut out pages of glossy paper create a skin of her models, and together create the entity that describes the idea of beauty that mankind has established.

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Left: Gabi Trinkaus - PLAY without limits (The Bitch is Back) / Right: Gabi Trinkaus - BED HEAD

Perfectly Imperfect Faces

Gabi Trinkaus works as a true artist – in the creative chaos of her Viennese studio. She often misplaces the important snippets of paper in the piles, but also often finds something even better in the creative rubble. She instinctively chooses the materials and puts them together to create a piece that speaks to the viewer, that inspires him to look beneath the surface, and to judge not by appearance, but by what really matters. The artist has always liked the idea of recycling, or upcycling in today’s more posh lingo, and has always believed that recycling is the way to go when it comes to art and the daily life. So it is no wonder that she chose collage for the series Gabi Trinkaus is presenting in her exhibition at Claire Oliver Gallery. She produces works that allow her to go into several directions at once, all depending on how she uses the materials, always with her signature dash of humor and sincerity.

Gabi Trinkaus exhibition upcoming  news  current  media
Gabi Trinkaus - Share Some Sparkle

Glossy Magazines and Profound Portraits

Fashion magazines somehow go hand in hand with the superficiality of today’s society. However, in Gabi Trinkaus’ works, these editions get new meaning and depth. She uses a big amount of materials for her works and often gets them second-hand from her “girls” that usually “sit on” the longest on the famous Vogue, the icon of fashion and style. Not only does she cut and paste the magazine pages onto her works, she also uses flyers and other “papers”. She flips through the magazines in order to find the right match for her art, mentally fitting the bits and pieces of what she sees, into the blank canvas in her mind which later becomes something truly magnificent. She sees the perfect men and women on the pages and the billboards and makes them into original artworks that refute the ideal of beauty and offer a glimpse into the real world, the world that is not burdened by the social constructs that make people become superficial and vain.

Gabi Trinkaus exhibition upcoming  news  current  media
Gabi Trinkaus - Stir the Senses

Gabi Trinkaus Exhibition at Claire Oliver Gallery

Gabi Trinkaus exhibition entitled The Way We Are Told will be on display at Claire Oliver Gallery from May 26th to June 23rd, 2016. The artist aims to shed light onto the blindness of society that only sees the pretty exterior, without thinking about what hides underneath. Her works are a criticism of the imposed ideals, of the superficiality, of the layers that unveil the truth. Her art is the opposite of instant gratification, a commentary on the fabulous “wonderland” of products and promises no one intends to keep. The viewers will be able to scratch that surface and search for the true meaning behind the glossiness and glam, and to actually perceive the things that matter. Gabi Trinkaus exhibition will be held at the Claire Oliver Gallery space located at 513 West 26th Street in New York.

All images courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery.
Featured image: Gabi Trinkaus - Swamp