Galerie LE FEUVRE Presents a Variety of Artists and Styles in a Group Hanging

Exhibition Announcements

April 24, 2016

For the last couple of months, Galerie LE FEUVRE in Paris, has continued to immerse itself into the presentation of the most successful and most inspiring Urban artists of today. Viewing the role of the gallery and the role of the artists as inseparable in the creation of the new visual languages, Galerie LE FEUVRE continues with its aim to support its artists and to investigate the urban art today. Understanding that sharing is the key, the curator Franck Le Feuvre, trusts his inner voice and has collected a group of amazing artists that he decided to represent, and to share with his public. The last couple of months have been extremely fruitful for the gallery, where, from the beginning of 2016, the gallery has had an opening every month. The new exhibition, Group Hanging, at the Galerie LE FEUVRE will gather ten of its represented artists. This time, the public will get a chance to view the eclectic examples of the works by Sixe Paredes, Ella & Pitr, Mist, Mr Jago, Sickboy, Paul Insect, Sowat, Stohead and Word To Mother.

galerie le feuvre saint galerielefeuvre faubourg rue 164 english honoré français
Left: Paul Insect - Untitled 6.8898, 2015 / Right: SIXE PAREDES (Sergio Hidalgo Parades dit) - Hombre Pajaro, 2014

Diverse Nature of Urban Art on Display at Galerie LE FEUVRE

The group exhibition is always a chance for the public to get a better understanding into the trends of today’s urban contemporary art, and this exhibition is no exception. Working across a variety of different mediums, the public is able to admire works both on canvas and on paper, as well as to discover different types of working across a range of art fields. From graffiti representatives to the works that seem to use appropriation of the commercial Pop art, the works of the artists, presented in this exhibition show a range of different type of works, from figuration to abstraction, surrealism, and calligraphy, to few examples of the contemporary sculpture. Most of the works are created for the occasion of this exhibition while others were made a few years ago.

galerie le feuvre saint galerielefeuvre faubourg rue 164 english honoré français
Left: Sickboy (Charlie Baird, dit) - Chasing Tales, 2016 / Right: Sowat (Mathieu Kendrick, dit) - Underwater Blues 1, 2015

Represented Artists

The artist Mist, known for his abstract work inspired by the letters that form his pseudonym, is interested in the deconstruction of typography and going beyond the graffiti art, into the area of painting, that he is now well known for. His compositional and aesthetic research has made him into a major figure in the urban contemporary art. The two artists Ella & Pitr that devote their creativity to the production of vibrant, funny, free, graffiti works also create in a variety of different mediums. Focusing on the exploration of different narratives and paying homage to the importance of storytelling, their work is always about life and freedom. This celebration of life is also evident in the choice of color by all the artists taking part in the show. The works by the artist Word to Mother break his interest in the grey palette, by the vivid colors that are part of his signature. Another artist of this group that explores the world of graffiti art, is Stohead, known for his research into tagging and calligraphy works, also shared by the artist Sowat, that started his creative journey with the exploration of chollo writing, calligraphy used by Mexican gangs. His recent work, ranges from stop motion video, to the paintings created with the focus on mark making. The spiritual world, shamans, local customs are what push the creative juices of the artist Sixe Paredes, while the vintage and today’s comics, are what help the artist Sickboy express his need for freedom and revel of life. A major player in the graffiti art, Paul Insect‘s work, whether in collage, paint, stencil, installation or video, is known for its underground protest, while the need to represent the evolving world around us and the rise of the technology, is hidden behind the paintings of Mr Jago.

galerie le feuvre saint galerielefeuvre faubourg rue 164 english honoré français
Left: Ella and Pitr alongside Sickboy and the bronze sculpture by Mist / Right: Mist - Goldorus Battle Damages '2 ft' (purple), 2015

New Group Exhibition at Galerie LE FEUVRE in Paris

The diversity of expressions, and the different backgrounds of the participating artists of the new Group Hanging exhibiton at Galerie LE FEUVRE is an event not to be missed. Starting on April 26th and lasting until May 14th, 2016, it will offer its public an amazing insight into the trends of one of today’s most important art movements. The research into urban art is at the core of this galleries interest and if you are in need of some fresh, vibrant and impressive works, then you know what gallery to visit if in Paris.

All images courtesy of Galerie LE FEUVRE. Featured image in slider: Stohead – Passenger, detail; Ella& Pit – Des plumes et des paillettes; Mist – Green Lanters; Mr Jago – Handed Ones; Word To Mother – Time of Your Life.

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