Galleries You Loved the Most in December

December 29, 2015

Among contemporary art circles, December is usually perceived as a month when all activities during the year are being summed up. When it comes to galleries, they measure the success of the exhibitions they organized, how many artworks were sold, and finally, and most important – they plan activities for the year to come. In December, we saw a number of amazing exhibitions, and we have covered dozens of them. We are slowly approaching 2016, and while making New Year resolutions, we hope that the quality of the galleries’ activities whose work we are following will remain the same. Here, in Widewalls, we are also recapitulating all our activities in 2015, and we are looking forward to new adventures in 2016. Still, as every month, we are looking back what marked the month, and now, the time has come for December. So, scroll down, and take a look at 10 most visited galleries on Widewalls during the month of December.

Urban Spree - Berlin Gallery in a Postindustrial Compound

Urban Spree is one of the leading, Berlin-based galleries that is situated in a vast postindustrial compound. What makes this gallery special is the Creative Lab, the first floor of the Urban Spree Gallery, where artists in residence produce works for the Gallery and craft limited edition series for the store.

Weng Contemporary - Switzerland Online Gallery

Weng Contemporary is an online gallery for original prints and fine art editions by world-class Contemporary artists. Weng Contemporary sources its work directly from artists and publishers, assuring authenticity and quality, at transparent and competitive prices. It is located at General-Guisan-Strasse 6, Zug, Switzerland. We recently wrote about the Dusseldorf School of Photography, and Weng Contemporary is a perfect place to buy photographs made by the members of the school.

Ministry of Walls - Always Popular on Widewalls

Ministry of Walls almost always finds its place on the list of 10 most visited galleries on Widewalls. It was the highest visited gallery on Widewalls both in September and October, and in November it was at the third place. Based in Cologne and Miami, this gallery is interested in street art and in Pop Art.

Ruttkowski;68 - Cologne Contemporary Art Gallery

Ruttkowski;68 is a contemporary art gallery located on Bismarckstraße 70 in Cologne, Germany. All over the year, we could enjoy amazing exhibition at one of the Cologne’s finest art spaces. For example, in October and November, the visitors of the gallery had an opportunity to see works by Tom Krol at exhibition entitled Hugs & Kisses.

Verso Contemporary Art - About Courage, Subversive Satire and Boldness

Verso Contemporary Art is a London-based gallery that looks for works which make bold statements and aim for maximum cultural impact. Like the subversive satire of a Banksy. Or the courage and audacity of Ai Weiwei. Verso curates and sells original artwork and limited edition prints from some of the most forward-thinking contemporary and street artists from around the world.

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