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December 7, 2018

Based on the use of simple geometric forms laced in nonillusionistic space and combined into nonobjective compositions, the pictorial language of geometric abstraction evolved in the early 20th century as a reformulation of the established conventions of form and space. As the natural world became translated into a stark pictorial language of shapes, lines, and angles, geometric abstraction endured throughout the century as a visual and theoretical counterpoint to a range of gestural movements.

Today, the heritage of geometric abstraction is continued by a range of contemporary artists in all manner of ways. We bring you a selection of geometric abstract art which you can own right now!

Featured image: Yaacov Agam - Inter Image. All images are courtesy of their respective galleries.

Asta von Unger - Red and Black

The work of the German painter Asta von Unger is mostly process-oriented, exploring all of the material’s options. In her practice, she accumulates knowledge first, then frees herself of it with the stroke of a brush.

Executed in large-scale format, the piece Red and Black is light and energetic, shining powerfully.

See more info about the work here.

Yaacov Agam - Inter Image

In a career spanning five decades, Yaacov Agam has been exploring the matters of perception. Conducting a methodology reminiscent to the legacy of avant-garde movements, he incorporates multidimensional movement and extends the viewer’s perspective of the artwork.

The piece Inter Image is composed of geometric shapes and painted strips that appear to shift and oscillate as viewers alter their points of view.

See more info about the work here.

Luke Newton - Beads Thrill – Future

Young British artist Luke Newton shares his views of contemporary society through his artworks which take inspiration from the small things in life. Accumulating the most mundane things of his daily life, Newton interprets them subversively, stimulating the imagination of the public.

The present work is part of the series of artworks created with beads.

See more info about the work here.

Delphine Brabant - Bronze Block

A French artist best known for her minimalist sculptures, Delphine Brabant is intrigued by the intersection of multiple geometric shapes, turning them into architectural models. Brabant uses a range of materials such as plaster, concrete, earth, and steel in order to create highly simplified and somehow spiritual objects.

The piece Bronze Block is part of the series Architecture, in which she designed geometric shapes bringing together different volumes and right angles, alternating between vertical and horizontal shapes, the fullness and the emptiness. The piece reveals the artist's fascination with the concept of construction.

See more info about the work here.

Larry Zox - Untitled

An acclaimed American painter, Larry Zox is best known for his work created as part of the color filed movement. Before everything else, he considered himself a colorist. The color combinations which adorn his artworks reference nature, music, or the city which surrounded him.

The tremendous amount of technical control, for which the artist was celebrated for, is evident in the piece Untitled executed in 1970.

See more info about the work here.

Robert Mangold - A Square with Four Squares Cut Away

An acclaimed American minimalist, Robert Mangold combines simple elements through complex means, developing a unique vocabulary derived from the ideas of geometry and asymmetry, expressed through both shapes and forms. His works are characterized by a range of relationships, such as shape in relation to space, drawing in relation to the edge of the canvas, and he constantly questions the relationship between the parts and the whole.

The work A Square with Four Squares Cut Away is part of the Rubber Stamp Portfolio. Using the irregular canvas, he challenges the limits of the two-dimensional medium.

See more info about the work here.

Skye Brothers - I Want Love, Or Death

The Dutch duo Skye Brothers experimented with a range of techniques and media, eventually discovering their signature style which is contemporary abstract art. As they explain themselves, they want to leave the world with a firework display of golden hues, love and divine beauty.

This simple yet powerful piece confronts us with the life's duality, expressed through colors of black and gold.

See more info about the work here.

Arthur Dorval - Eclosion Geometrique

A French painter, Arthur Dorval presents us with a unique take on geometric images. His technique skillfully mixes play on colors and shapes, within a principle of construction and balance driven by his attention to detail and his desire for perfection.

The play of shapes and colors in the work Eclosion Geometrique creates movement and vibrancy, making the piece seem more as an architectural feat than a painting.

See more info about the work here.

Elian - Verticalidad 1

The work of the Argentinian artist Elian Chali is always in close dialogue with the environment in which they are created. Composed through basic geometry and abstraction, and influenced by architecture, climate, and the current socio-political situations, his works open a range of debates, from social issues to poetry.

With its bold colors, clear-cut shapes and flat surface, the piece Verticalidad 1 immediately grabs the viewer's attention.

See more info about the work here.

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