6 Geometric Art Pieces to Collect

October 30, 2016

Next to gestural and expressive painting, geometric art stood as an important feature of the visual language. Attempting to depict the non-representational, non-objective, and some of the most philosophical and spiritual ideas, abstract geometric art dominated the 20th century. Various geometrical shapes governed the production of the major avant-garde movements, such as Cubism, Futurism, and Suprematism.

Much more than the research into compositional expression, symmetry or balance in art, geometric art for artists such as Kazimir Malevich or Piet Mondrian was understood as the only tool capable for expressing new paths and key issues. These issues reflected the need for a new language during the re-building of the society at large.

As an introduction to the desire of pure abstraction, geometric art reshaped the nature of painting and sculpture as well.

In contemporary practice, the love for purity in geometry and color follows the heritage of major periods of the past. Op art and optical illusions work, alongside the Color field paintings of the post-minimalism period major authors and geometric artists of today are helping to re-shape. The fascination with geometric art is visible not only in the field of visual art but as a major characteristic of graphic design and crafts works.

Always at the center of major collections, exhibitions, or auctions the following geometric art pieces are perfect for your growing art collection.

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Arthur Dorval - Sans Titre

Fascinated with the pure Geometric Abstract movement, Arthur Dorval is recognized as one of the most prominent young French geometric artists. In his trademark style of the play with color and geometrical shapes, Dorval’s works have a certain movement and vibrancy that is closely linked to architectural objects. Upon studying illustration and design Dorval decided to focus his creativity on the re-invention of geometric art.

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Francois Morellet - Sculpture a Trois Volumes

Today, Francois Morellet is defined as one of the main representatives of the Concrete art. His application of mathematical systems and geometry concepts place him at the center of Conceptual and Minimal art production as well. Influential for the idea of the demystification of the artwork and the liberation of the subjectivity, Morellet’s infinitive structures move from the boundary of the painting. His grid-like geometric art structures, both in painting and in sculpture, are created with an array of non-traditional materials.

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Tom McGlynn - Small Test Pattern 2

Tom McGlynn is a geometric artist known for using contrasting colors in his minimalist approach to abstraction. Working across an array of disciplines, including painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture, Mc Glynn also works as a curator. Far from predictable, the color choice in his geometric art creates an atmosphere of contradicting forces. His Test Pattern series investigate the essence of the contemporary being through the eye’s reaction to the color and form. His abstract painting denies any emotion or evidence of the artist’s inner being and reflects similar ideas of major minimalist works of the past.

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Luke Newton - Beads Thrill - Future

The young British artist, Luke Newton is known for his manipulation and interpretation of the most mundane things. Transforming various everyday objects, such as iPods into defensive weapons, or attaching red stickers in various forms on the canvas, Newton stands as one of the important authors of the New Pop Art movement. Unconventional choice of the material is why Widewalls feel in love with his abstract painting Beads Thrill – Future. Completely created with the use of pearls, this minimalist abstract geometric art investigates the material and the repetitive form of the small black rectangles on the white surface.

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Jana Hamman - #808080

Recently Jana Hamman has focused her creativity mostly on virtual art, yet she is also celebrated for her painting and installation art as well. More often than not, Hamman rejects the creation of social commentary in her works but rather focuses on utilization of humor, irony, and satire in order to engage critically with societal norms. Her abstract print Uncertainty displays one of her digital art creations. Part of her series #808080, the print is an investigation of pure geometric abstraction incorporating black, white and hues of gray.

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Fritz Ruprechter - Untitled 2 (Blue-Grey)

Fritz Ruprechter is a magician of the watercolor art. Reflecting the color-field painting and some of the most important post-minimalist artists, his images vibrate tranquility and love of color. The transparency of the medium adds an element of poetry hidden between the layers of paint. Recognized as one of the most important Austrian abstract painters, Ruprechter explores various geometrical and linear forms and successfully brings the fragments into a whole. His drawing Untitled 2 (Blue/Grey) is created with the use of watercolor and lacquer on Masonite and represents a perfect example of his celebrated geometric art.

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