Modern Man as a Post-Apocalyptic Angel by Gerard Rancinan at Urban Spree

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May 10, 2016

Urban Spree Galerie Berlin is proud to present Gerard Rancinan exhibition featuring a new series of photographs, entitled The Destiny of Men. The French contemporary photographer and visual artist has teamed up with the author Caroline Gaudriault to complete a series of large-scale photographs envisioned as post-apocalyptic “tableaux vivants”. For Gerard Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault, this exhibition is a perfect opportunity for these photographs to become incarnated, and it is a perfect community in which his works can blend perfectly with the context and the situation they are in, adding a new dimension to them. This exhibition will investigate what it means to be a modern man, and how the man is seen through a post-apocalyptic lens.

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Rancinan - The Party is Over

The Destiny of Men

How does one get to know what his destiny is? How can one escape nature? How can a man surpass nature? How can a man challenge destiny? These questions have troubled the humanity since its inception and continue to do so even in the modern age. The material parts of the human are very well known, but those immaterial, intangible, inner parts of a man are still as elusive as they have been for centuries. How can one access this hidden part of every human being that has, and is roaming this Earth? The desire a man has for knowledge, for self-transcendence, for elevation, the very curiosity and the intangible need for answers is handed down from father to son, from a teacher to his student, from one man to another, and it will continue to be handed down for the eons to come. We could give a myriad of examples, but one stands out the most, the iconographical tradition of depicting angels from the Byzantine era, that dates back to the mosaics of Saint Sophia in old Constantinople, to the angels of Giotto and Michelangelo, all the way to the modern depictions of heavenly creatures we are seeing today.

Gerard Rancinan exhibition gérard  news  france world paris  photographer photo  french 2014 2016  gérard  museum
Rancinan - Triptych The Messenger

Question Everything

Gerard Rancinan investigates the symbolic of Man and the fantasies he has, his transcendence and transgressions. In his works angels are not posing moral statements. His Man is not a choirboy, his man was the one who has written history through his forceful curiosity and ambition. He was the one who invented botany, the one who built libraries, the one who wrote books, the one who has seen the Earth from the distance, the one who landed a spacecraft on the comet more than 500 million kilometers from home. His Man is the one who is an epitome of a post-apocalyptic angel who carries several principles within, the good and the evil, the progress and the ethics, the intellectual and the spiritual.

Gerard Rancinan exhibition gérard  news  france world paris  photographer photo  french 2014 2016  gérard  museum
Left: Rancinan - The Messenger, detail / Right: Portrait of Gerard Rancinan

Gerard Rancinan Exhibition at Urban Spree Galerie Berlin

The Destiny of Men, a series that was exhibited in the Accademia delle Arti e del Disegno di Firence in March 2016, will be on display at Urban Spree Galerie Berlin from May 13th to May 29th, 2016. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held at the gallery on May 13th from 7 PM when the preview of the exhibition will happen. The show will feature fourteen monumental photographs by Rancinan and a calligraphic installation by Caroline Gaudriault. The works displayed of Urban Spree will emphasize and reveal a considerably darker and contemporary vision of The Destiny of Men, in the perfect setting of the city of Berlin, the city of chaos and ruins, of decadence and feast.

All images courtesy of Urban Spree Galerie Berlin.
Featured image: Rancinan - The Feast of crumbs
Image in the slider: Portrait of Caroline Gaudriault

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