Lack of Light as a Means Towards Knowledge: Gomez Exhibition at Galleria Varsi

June 7, 2016

The darkness invites us in and begs for our disappearance so that through its lack of light we are reborn again. The experience of the night and the absence of light are at the core of the new paintings by the artist Gomez and his first solo show Nox Omnibus Lucet at the Galleria Varsi in Rome. The author’s past experiences take shape in the space of the gallery and for the viewer’s gaze sense of loneliness is formed. The darkness, a vehicle, which this time does not hide, offers for us images of the human body, human face and pure strength of expression.

gomez contact west 2015 arts ramiro home angeles center
Left: Gomez - Untitled 7, Oil on black fabric / Right: Gomez - Untitled 8, oil on black fabric.

The Inspiration from the Past

Born in Caracas, Gomez moved to Rome as a child, where he refined his artistic practice, first through graffiti and street art and in the most recent years through figurative painting. His extremely symbolic and powerful images draw inspiration from the lavish Baroque paintings. Gomez is particularly interested in and inspired by the school of the famous painter Caravaggio, most important for his dramatic use of lighting, and the realistic observations of the human state, both physical and emotional. Similarly to Caravaggio, Gomez also explores with his production the power of the light and dark contrast, powerful dichotomy between beauty and horror, strength and weakness, winners and losers, and life and death. The research of such dualities, Gomez presents with his exploration of the human body in the moments which hide the biggest transformation of the spirit.

gomez contact west 2015 arts ramiro home angeles center
Left: Gomez - Untitled 3, white charcoal on paper / Right: Gomez - Untitled 4, white charcoal on paper

The Versatility of Gomez’s Production

The power of the street art runs through the painter’s veins and Gomez privileges the public spaces, where he sees his visions and images, which rely on Greek and Christian mythology transformed by the environment. Up till now, Gomez has realized murals on different walls in many cities including Rome, Berlin, London, Barcelona and Madrid. This treasured fusion of traditional themes and urban approach to painting, this self-thought artist expresses in the choice of his material and surfaces. Known to work in oil, acrylic, or to use cans, Gomez is famous for his wall paintings, easel paintings, and images he created on iron and mirrors. Both the street and now the space of the Galleria Varsi, become integral elements for Gomez’s poetic art and places where his men, women, and children seem to come to a resting place after a long journey they seemed to be on.

gomez exhibition contact west 2015 arts ramiro home angeles center
Left: Gomez - Untitled 5, Oil on black fabric / Right: Gomez - Untitled 6, Oil on black fabric

Gomez Solo Show at Galleria Varsi in Rome

The first solo show Nox Omnibus Lucet by Gomez is a tribute to night and the changeable darkness which wraps his figures helping them to mark their existence and to reach their identities. On view from 17th June until 14th July 2016 at Galleria Varsi in Rome, the exhibition offers the public an emotional journey expressed in the strength of the human gaze, the movement of the body and in the pure force of the author's application of paint. This journey, punctuated by time, inexorably takes it course and reveals the truth.

All images courtesy of the artist and Galleria Varsi. Featured images in slider: Gomez – Untitled 1, oil on canvas, detail; Gomez – Untitled 2, oil on canvas.