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July 11, 2018

Marginalized at first, street art and graffiti first appeared on American subways in the 1970s before reaching Europe in 1980s alongside hip hop music. With the rise of the 21st century, street art and graffiti have taken the world by storm. What started as a subversive and radical act of creative vandalism is now popularized and adorned in galleries and museums worldwide.

We bring you nine pieces of contemporary graffiti art that you can own right now!

Featured image: SEEN - Iron man (detail), 2016. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

SEEN - Iron man

A living legend of the graffiti scene, SEEN first emerged on the streets of New York City in the early seventies when graffiti was in its inception. He is best known for vibrant and colorful lettering and masterful portrayals of mass-media cartoon characters and comic book heroes.

In this work, SEEN has appropriated the character of Iron Man, one of the most recognizable fictional superheroes from the Marvel Comics family.

See more info about the work here.

1UP - All Colours Are Beautiful

A German street art crew, 1UP is famous for tagging various places with their easily recognizable symbol, but also for the unity of the crew. Part graffiti artists and part athletes, the thing that unites the members of the crew the most is the placement of the work, mysteriously fitting it in all kinds of unbelievable places.

This work is part of the series One Week With 1UP, where the crew has collaborated with Martha Cooper and Ninja K. in a series of underground actions, through tunnels, rooftops, featuring high-pressure fire extinguisher tags, roll-downs, roll-ups, street bombings, whole cars and backjumps in a first-hand account.

See more info about the work here.

Cope2 - My style

Claiming his street artist’s integrity for more than 30 years, Cope2 has been admired, arrested, loved and respected, remaining a symbol of excellence. As one of the pioneers of the NYC graffiti scene and a true legend in the world of street art, he made history with his unique style and lettering.

Although extending his practice into studio work as well, the artist has safeguarded the power of his freestyle and flashes of colors. This work evokes his early train graffiti work.

See more info about the work here.

CRASH - Torch Touch

One of the artists who has been at the forefront of a new art movement we today know as Urban Art, John CRASH Matos deals with the imagery of comics, providing his own flavor to the subject with his unique visual style.

CRASH emerged with bold, blocky signature graffiti which appeared on trains throughout New York. Although he extended his work to the studio, he has managed to maintain his recognizable visual language, which is clearly recognizable in the work Torch Touch from 1988.

See more info about the work here.

Mr. Brainwash - Secret Admirer

An urban artist and a self-proclaimed filmmaker, Mr. Brainwash is not physically involved in the creation of his pieces, but rather provides ideas and guidelines for his creative team. Emulating the styles and concepts of Banksy, a number of critics have speculated that he is an elaborate prank staged by the anonymous street artist.

This four-color screen print has been released in 2013, featuring the artist's signature style characterized by splashes of colors.

See more info about the work here.

Moses and Taps - MENDACIA

A world-renowned German graffiti art duo, Moses & Taps has made a name for themselves through conceptual artwork in a range of extreme supports, contemporary vandalism and their strong corporative branding. They are best known for their impressive project that involved painting 1000 trains all over the world in 1000 days, using each other’s names. The members of the collective remain anonymous.

Their productions and compilations are in strong contrast to the innocent and pleasing street-art-chic these days. The work MENDACIA™ is a testament to that.

See more info about the work here.

Pure Evil - Crying Obama

A British graffiti artist, Pure Evil is known as a stablemate of Banksy. Heavily inspired by skate culture and graffiti artists from the west coast, he explores the darker side of the wreckage of Utopian dreams and the myth of the Apocalypse.

The work Crying Obama is another striking work by this ever-popular artist which is a portrait of President Barak Obama in the artist’s signature style with a tear running down his cheek. The work was created when Obama was coming to the end of his term as the U.S. leader.

See more info about the work here.

Tilt - BA 13 10

An internationally recognized French graffiti artist, Tilt is a self-declared “graffiti fetishist”. Learning his trade in the streets and on trains as a kid, he became celebrated for colorful, bubbly paintings, demonstrating the complexity of the basic, primitive graffiti.

The work BA 13/10 is part of the series of works that seem as if they were ripped from graffitied street walls.

See more info about the work here.

Lenz - Blood red

A French contemporary artist, Lenz is best known for his graffiti and LEGO-inspired art, especially the Nike Dunk series from 2006. Becoming aware of the global culture that's shared by billions of people around the world, this has served as a source of inspiration, but also a cause for polemic for the talented artist.

The work Blood Red is a fine example of his lego-inspired art.

See more info about the work here.

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