Galerie Celal Presents Different Graffiti Expressions this Autumn

November 18, 2016

The variety of graffiti expressions which helps to enhance the growing urban and street culture is similar to a priceless treasure chest. Celebrating such diversity, Galerie Celal presents graffiti expressions of five international artists for the occasion of the inauguration of its new space Celal M13. The idea for the group exhibition W and Beyond – Writing and Beyond was put forward by the artist Lokiss. Joined by Antistatik, Proembrion, Keith K. Hopewell and Soda, the featured works reflect the investigation of their individual graffiti expressions and display just how rich and innovative the styles are.

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Left: Hopewell - Artwork / Right: Proembrion - Artwork

Graffiti Expressionism Manifests

As one of the pioneers in the European graffiti culture, Lokiss is considered one of the main actors for its aesthetic renewal. His newly published book Graffiti Expressions Manifestes researches and displays the beginning of the graffiti culture in Europe. In 1984 Lokiss ‘penetrated the basements of this culture’ and since then has helped to create and comment on the new trends and styles. Glued in the need to investigate both the language and the act of writing, many creatives featured in the book display the love for letters and tagging. From this beginning, graffiti authors continue to break the boundaries and manage to push their creations into other aesthetic spheres. Asking the question – What have we lost and what have we gained, Lokiss’ book investigates the innovations of graffiti art.

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Left: Lokiss - Artwork / Right: Lokiss - One Player One

The Featured Artists

Inviting the four artists also featured in the book, Lokiss promises that this is just the first of future planned sessions. Joined by the love of experimentation, Antistatik, Proembrion, Keith K. Hopewell and Soda have helped to create the eclectic face of graffiti art. Famous for his transformation of materials, Keith K.Hopewell is the author of both large-scale public works and works on canvas. Without changing the approach of his process, the artist uses gesture, repetition, ritual, and performance in order to invent an original expression. The work of Alan De Cecco alias Sado celebrates the geometric art  and dips into the growing arena of illusion art. Inspired by the emergence of street art in his city, Warsaw, Krysztof Syruc aka Proembrion, is the author of various murals, installation, lighting installations, architectural projects and animated films. His love for nature and mathematics pushes the artist to develop new algorithms and search for new rules. On the other hand, to break the rules and follow only the inner expression, the brutal and the instinctive is at the root of the paintings by Stéphane Helbert aka Antistatik.

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Left: Antistatik - Artwork / Right: Antistatik - Artwork

W and Beyond at the Galerie Celal in Paris

Celebrating the need for change and the fruitful desire to always search for a new style, Galerie Celal in Paris kindly invites its public to experience just how far graffiti art has come in its new space Celal M13. The inspiration for the exhibition W and Beyond - Writing and Beyond was put forward by the versatile artist Lokiss, both the featured artist and the author of the book Graffiti Expressions Manifestes. Both the opening and the signing of the book are planned for November 26th, 2016 from 5pm.

All images courtesy of Galerie Celal. Featured image in slider: Soda - Gemona, Italy; Proembrion - Artwork, detail; Hopewell - Artist at work.

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