Graffiti Inspired Art Pieces You Can Own Now

October 27, 2016

Due to its rebellious nature and free spirit, graffiti art is almost impossible to purchase. That's why graffiti inspired art pieces often serve as a valuable surrogate for all street art enthusiasts aiming to build a collection. Rather than residing inside private and public collections, murals and graffiti are featured on the streets of urban environments where it can grab the attention of passers-by swiftly and unexpectedly. Graffiti inspired art pieces, on the other hand, combine the best of two worlds, the untamed outdoor quality of street art murals and the form and accessibility of fine art pieces. These artworks vary in forms and styles and encompass a variety of artworks such as prints, paintings, drawings and even sculptures. They are equally inspired by traditional graffiti, wild style calligraphy, stencils and many other street art genres and techniques. Although they are mainly created by graffiti and street artists themselves, graffiti inspired art pieces can be produced by creatives who have no previous experience in decorating walls whatsoever.

With a growing acceptance of graffiti art as a relevant art movement, there's more and more graffiti inspired works and sometimes it can be hard to find your way around numerous captivating artworks. That's why we've prepared our selection of the best graffiti art inspired pieces that can be added to a street art enthusiast's collection immediately. Scroll down to find the artwork that's perfect for your growing art collection.

Mr. Brainwash - Chelsea Express Red

Created in the finest tradition of wild style graffiti Chelsea Express Red artwork by Mr. Brainwash conveys the excitement of tagging New York's subway trains. The district in New York that represent's one the centers of this art form in America is embellished with the artist's recognizable mixture of calligraphy and pop art references. Hop on a train to the golden age of Brooklyn graffiti with this striking art piece by Mr. Brainwash.

Click here for more information about this graffiti inspired art piece.

Jm Robert - Reflexion

A recent acrylic piece by French artist Jm Robert is created by applying stencil on abstract background. This beautiful portrait of a young woman is set against bright colors in the background that convey the notion of being painted on urban scapes rather than on canvas. The art-maker's outdoor and studio works could be easily mistaken as Jm Roberts painting's powerfully evoke the illusion of being painted on an old wall. Jm Robert's Reflexion blurs the line between street art and fine art and give the owner's an illusion of staring into a graffiti-embellished building facade.

To find out more about the piece, click here!

JonOne - Loving Hearts

All calligraphy fans who also happen to be romantic souls should not miss the opportunity to purchase this fascinating Loving Hearts art piece by Jon One. The artist, who made a name for himself by continuously tagging his acronym since the age of 17, used tender purple tones to depict the most powerful emotion of Earth. By combining precise strokes and vibrant colors, Jon One produced a truly intense and dynamic visual experience. Loving Hearts may contain a series of letters that are arcane to the eyes of the common viewer but every true graffiti fanatic will undoubtedly manage to understand its message.

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MIST - Dirty Dancing

One of the finest street art calligraphers in the world, MIST is equally productive on the streets and in the studio. Though he often exhibits his pieces inside gallery walls, one of the most rebellious abstract painters of our time didn't cut the cord with the street art culture that shaped him as an artist. The acid colors and complex lettering noticeable in MIST’s studio pieces merge the artist's wild style heritage with refined contemporary art aesthetics. An intricate dance of letters and colors dominates his Dirty Dancing artwork that powerfully portrays the beauty of, possibly the most complex graffiti style in the world.

For further information about Dirty Dancing by MIST, visit this link

Eackone - Pink Martini

Ever had a Pink Martini? Well, maybe it's time to get one right now, but not in the form of your favorite alcoholic beverage but rather in the form of a fascinating graffiti inspired acrylic painting. This brightly colored cocktail served as an inspiration for French graphic designer and graffiti artist Eackone to create this striking calligraphy art piece. The artwork filled with tender pink shapes will represent a soft but vibrant addition to any home.

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Tilt - Missing Letters

This mind-bending artwork by Tilt represents an array of letters that appear as if they are drawn into a whirlpool of paint. If you start observing the artwork from the middle and follow it's clockwise structural unfolding you will be able to read almost the entire alphabet - apart from several missing letters that are responsible for the title of the piece. Unlike many other wild style writers that rely on sharp lines and geometrical shapes in their designs, Tilt uses fun, bubbly shapes, and strong colors to showcase his love for basic primitive graffiti. These soft and curvaceous shapes and colors of the rainbow also portray Tilt's obsession with beautiful women.

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Pure Evil - Teufelsberg #10

This hand painted artwork created on a black and white screen print, comes for the brush of one of the biggest stars of British street art scene Charles Uzzell Edwards. The artist who has embellished the streets all over the world with an array of skateboard and pop art inspired graffiti created this image of the iconic Berlin-Teufelsberg landscape dominated by a gigantic listening station. Teufelsberg #10 is made as a spin of Urban Spree's 2014 group show Dubl Trubl that gathered 90 street and graffiti artists who worked in duos and displayed collaborative works.

To find out more about Teufelsberg #10 by Pure Evil, click here

Reso - P0215

Lettering and typography have always served as a foundation for both Reso's street art and studio works. Though inspired by traditional graffiti spanning over his hometown of New York, Reso has always retained a unique emotional approach that separates his works from the pieces made by other graffiti artists. Every one of his images represents a unique self-portrait as the artist considers shape, curves, and letters to be the mirror of his own character. P0215 art print by Reso shows a series of his typical twisted and rearranged letters that evoke the emotional response from the viewers who observe it.

Learn all you need to know about P0215 artwork by clicking here

Martin Whatson - Love Cops

Norwegian art-maker Martin Whatson is known for combining gray stencil imagery with traditional graffiti writing. His works usually incorporate motifs of love and peace and contain subtle messages that people can reflect upon. Love Cops acrylics and spray paint on canvas painting is reminiscent of his street artworks and his unique mixture of dark background and vibrant colors. The influence of Banksy is visible in the artwork that features several police officers and a multifaceted title open to interpretations.

Interested in Love Cops art piece by Martin Whatson? Click here and get more details about the artwork

Various Artists - Coffret Figure

We've saved the very best for the last segment of our list. This special offer for all graffiti art enthusiasts who simply love a good deal, contains a beautifully designed box with 10 lithographs on Rives made by some of the finest street artists of today plus one mix media artwork by Jacques Villeglé. The box includes lithographs by FKDL, Gottfried Salzmann, Gregos, Guy Denning, Herve Di Rosa, Levalet, Rene Botti, Speedy Graphito and Stoul packed into a box that futures a clean and simple black and white design. Whether you prefer cartoon inspired imagery by Speedy Graphito or paste-up people by Lavalet, this collection of lithographs is all you need to bring street art into the comfort of your home.

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