Group Exhibition at Gallery 1261 Denver : Small Scale Artworks – Big Ideas

September 29, 2015

One of the crucial elements of a good piece of art is an idea. Without a clear and creative idea or a concept, we could hardly imagine that an artwork would attract any attention. Of course, aesthetics is important, and the way how the idea is transformed and expressed through different art media. But, ideas are important and relevant. And it is not so important what art media is used, what style or technique, or the size of an artwork. As a group exhibition at Gallery 1261 in Denver will show, ideas are the basis of an admirable art. The exhibition entitled Small Works exhibition ventures into the world of pieces big in ideas yet small in scale.v

exhibition gallery 1261
Left: Jordan Wolfson -Still life with roses and blue glass I / Right: Vincent Xeus -Lavendula

Small Works

During the Small Works show at Gallery 1261, there will be a bit of everything for everyone - from figurative, to landscape, to still life, to sculpture, the works in this exhibition pack a punch that is sure to delight. Multiple genres will be presented. There will be a plethora of artwork to see and explore. What ultimately ties all the work together in this exhibition is technical: size. Given the fact that no work exceeds the 12 x 16 parameters means that this exhibition is more open in terms of collectability. From the novice to the seasoned collector - everybody can pick up a piece. The show features nearly the whole stable of artists at 1261 and a few guests. It is impossible to neatly categorize the participating artists into groups as no two artists are alike. All of them have different backgrounds, styles and techniques; the only thing that is common for all of them (in the context of this exhibition) is the size of their artworks.

exhibition gallery 1261
Left: Gregory Block - Conch 1 / Right: David Cheifetz - Spirit

Participating Artists

More than thirty artists are participating at the Small Works exhibition. Some of them favor a more traditional mode of painting while others tend toward the contemporary. From Gregory Block’s hyper-real conch shells, to the beautiful portraits of Mia Bergeron, to the uniquely articulated landscape pieces of David Grossman – different styles and movements will be presented. The participating artists are: Carolyn Anderson, Carolyn Barlock, Mia Bergeron, Suchitra Bhosle, Gregory Block, Gordon Brown, Scott Burdick, David Cheifetz, Michael DeVore, Dianne L. Massey Dunbar, Rose Frantzen, Scott Fraser, Greg Gandy, Michael Gadlin, Vincent Giarrano, David Gluck, David Grossmann, Ron Hicks, Quang Ho, Tony Hochstetler, Jeff Legg, Michael J Lynch, Susan Lyon, Serge Marshennikov, Dan McCaw, Danny McCaw, John McCaw, CW Mundy, Heather Neill, Mikael Olson, Derek Penix, Kate Sammons, David Shevlino, Andrzej Skorut, Matt Smith, Robin Cole Smith, Timothy J Standring, Bill Starke, Joseph Todorovitch, Kevin Weckbach, Aaron Westerberg, Michael Workman, Vincent Xeus.

exhibition gallery 1261
Left: David Grossman - On the autumn carpet / Right: Serge Marshennikov -Green band

The Exhibition at Gallery 1261

The Gallery 1261 from Denver is dedicated to presenting excellent work that reflects the artists’ most creative side, done without the constraints of marketability in mind (we recently wrote an article about graffiti restaurants – many of them are located in Denver). With the exhibition Small Works, the Gallery 1261 certainly meets all its objectives, while the art lovers will have a perfect opportunity to enjoy some great pieces of art. The show will be on view from October 2 until October 31, 2015, at Gallery 1261 in Denver.

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Featured Images:

Dianne Dunbar -Rain on windshield, detail

Mia Bergeron - Embark, detail

All Images courtesy of Gallery 1261.

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