Heiko Zahlmann, Boris Tellegen and Raphael Brunk Show Together at Galerie Droste

November 25, 2016

Exploration of space and investigation of constructed spatiality which can be structured, opened and limited by architectonic elements is what unites the featured artists in the group show at Galerie Droste in Wuppertal. Boris Tellegen, Heiko Zahlmann, and Raphael Brunk explore the idea of space, the artist’s interventions and test the perception of the urban scenery transformations. Architectural elements, ideas of construction and deconstruction which emit both chaos and order unite the artists on their quest to showcase the material nature of urban and illusionistic settings.

in 2016 work by wuppertal spans international waters into berlin and york.
Left: Heiko Zahlmann - Untitled / Right: Heiko Zahlmann - Untitled

How to Change the Urban Space? – Begin with Just A Letter

Already during their involvement with the graffiti scene, Tellegen and Zahlmann dealt with built-up environments and contributed to a change in its perception by artistic intervention. Celebrated for his three-dimensional writing, which became an integral feature of the urban scenery, Boris Tellegen continues to explore the illusion of spatiality. On one hand, with the layering of material in his collages, on the other hand, via his cubically constructed sculptures, his works reflect different spatial conflicts and reference Japanese pop culture of the eighties.

Similarly, Heiko Zahlmann’s artistic oeuvre needs to be understood as a process which originated in 1989. It was mainly characterized by the pictorial elaboration of three-dimensional typography and its effects. Perfecting the craft of plastic work through the various collaborations with highly renowned architects, Zahlmann realized that to transfer his graffiti into a gallery format, simple canvases were not sufficient. He started to use concrete as a canvas and to produce numerous panels which reduce color and focus on various geometric shapes.

video by wuppertal was created during 2015 - 2016
Heiko Zahlmann - 20357, Karolinenplatz, Hamburg, 2012

Where is the Real Space?

Where is the real space? Are we, outside of it, only able to be voyeurs of the world? These are the questions which linger above the works of Raphael Brunk. External perspective and different points of view decorate the photography of this artist which takes cityscapes as its starting point. Unlike Tellegen and Zahlmann, Brunk does not create interventions in a way to change the environment. He offers a new way of comprehending it through selected perspectives. Escaping the limitations of traditional photography medium, Brunk created a video game which reflects reality in a new way and merges the real with the constructed.

Left: Boris Tellegen - Interburden / Right: Raphael Brunk - Capture 55326.4_19

The Group Show at Galerie Droste

The featured group show at Galerie Droste has joined the creations of the celebrated artists, Heiko Zahlmann, Boris Tellegen and Raphael Brunk to present and to further reflect on the ideas of space and its construction. Using architecture, photography, digital media, and the traditional form of lettering, the exhibited works display a jump between the real and the virtual, and the game between various perceptions. From 26th of November 2016, until the 20th of January 2017, Wuppertal’s public will experience the insights about and within the space from the dynamic array of pieces created by the three featured artists.

All images courtesy of Galerie Droste. Pictures of Raphael Brunk: Courtesy by Galerie am Meer. All images Copyright by Heiko Zahlmann, Raphael Brunk, Boris Tellegen, Courtesy of art is just a four letter word UG&Co.KG. Featured image in slider: Heiko-Zahlmann - Untitled, 2014, concrete and dispersion. Private collection, Hamburg; Boris-Tellegen - ©Big Addict Rose Beton Craig Costello; Raphael Brunk – Capture Series Nr 7;Boris Tellegen - Charleroi , Asphalte 2.

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