Gustavo Oviedo’s Ocean Discoveries at Museum of Graffiti

October 14, 2020

A French-born artist, Gustavo Oviedo gravitates to the ocean and the mesmerizing aquatic life beneath its surface. Over the years, he has developed a highly personal style that explores the relationship between the rush of the vibrant city of Miami and the calmness of its surrounding aquatic life, currents and marine dystopia.

The artist's latest body of work will soon be on view at The Museum of Graffiti, providing new vibrant visions of the marine life. Titled Symbiosis, the exhibition brings together large paintings of loose sea-like forms, mixed media collages, and visual representations of otherworldliness devoid of human language or graffiti letters.

Gustavo Oviedo - Ragged Keys N#3

The Practice of Gustavo Oviedo

Born in Paris and raised between Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico before finally settling in Miami, Gustavo Oviedo explored his new home by painting graffiti around the city and connecting with its urban culture. Over the years, his practice turned from the streets to the ocean, diving into the astonishing world of the Biscayne Bay.

This adventure began when he bought his first boat that soon turned to a studio. Moving his work to the waves, he began capturing everything he saw in this previously unknown world. Documenting and looking for patterns and little things, Oviedo transformed these nautical vernacular into a range of media, including canvas, paper, aerosol paint and vinyl.

Gustavo Oviedo - Greeen


Oviedo's latest body of work is another ode to the sea, characterized by a vibrant color palette that evokes the brightest coral reefs dipped in fluorescent pigments. Finding inspiration in shipwrecks, corals, and found pieces of pollution, the artist managed to convey the beauty of these waters, but also raise awareness to the recurring problem of mankind’s disrespect for this natural resource.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is a work titled Low Tide Shopping, a massive suspended sculpture comprised of discarded Styrofoam buoys found tangled in the mangroves along South Florida's coastline; as well as Biscayne Bay Bottles, comprised of glass bottles that have been recklessly discarded into the Bay since the 1950s.

By highlighting the beauty and mystique of South Florida’s waters, this exhibit is an opportunity to use my artwork to call attention to a serious issue—the health and preservation of the Biscayne Bay. 

Gustavo Oviedo - Biscayne Sunset (detail)

Gustavo Oviedo at the Museum of Graffiti

Curated by Museum of Graffiti's Co-Founders Alan Ket and Allison Freidin, the exhibition Gustavo Oviedo: Symbiosis will be on view at the Museum of Graffiti in Miami from October 17th until November 14th, 2020, in the Museum's two adjacent gallery spaces. The opening reception will take place on October 17th, from 11 a.m. in the presence of the artist.

Made possible in part due to a grant provided by South Art, the exhibition will be accompanied by a limited-edition print release, an exclusive silkscreen long sleeve t-shirt, and a hardcover book with a collection of Oviedo’s work and inspirations. The print will be released at 3 p.m. on October 17th, while the artist will discuss the works during a talk at 7 p.m. that will be broadcast live on the Museum’s Instagram page.

Virtual Exhibit is now available here.

Gustavo Oviedo at Museum of Graffifi

Featured image: Gustavo Oviedo - Symbiosis (detail). All images courtesy of Museum of Graffiti.

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