Harmony Korine: Raiders

January 10, 2015

When we engage ourselves into the examination of Harmony Korine`s art it certainly proves to be a distinguishable form of creative expression. We wrote about him already several times in the past, as he took part in numerous art-related events. In May, he displayed his new collection of paintings entitled Shooters and was one of the participating artists in the large scale exhibition entitled Horor Vacui.  Both of them took place at the Gagosian New York. Known for his film-making and being primarily a screenwriter and author of the movies like the Kids and its 2012 counterpart the Spring Breakers, he gave us the reason to think of him as a tantalizing creator. His new collection of paintings entitled Raiders serves to this purpose as well.

Gagosian Los Angeles
Harmony Korine - Artwork

Harmony's Process of Creation

Many of his pieces reflect the imagery and the aesthetics featured in his movies. When analyzed, Harmony's works conveys more than one layer of meaning. The structure of his work revolves around notions such as randomness, imperfection, but also around repetitiveness, loops and mistakes. One may think that this practice is a deeply unsustainable and visually heavy, but nonetheless, through his meticulous approach, this artist manages to obtain stability in the overall imagery. The visual narrative as well as the process itself in creating the former, is done with the following philosophy of the mentioned aesthetics. Through repetitive usage of mediums such as house paint, spray and tape, the artist is forming unique, almost textural pieces. Some of them are breathing out the randomness and the sporadic, while the other evokes order and somewhat a clear composition structure. Presented as whole, all of his work emits interdependent and complementing values resulting in steady and capturing overall impression. Some of the pieces that dispatch the same aesthetic are works of Lola Dupre and her repeptitive collages and street art duo Sobekcis in their exhausting and meticulous works.

Harmony Korine and Bill Saylor – Ho Bags

How the Raider Came to Life

For the creation of Raiders, Korine used a specific technique. By implementing parts of a masking tape into the work, he first covered the canvas with it, spreading the tape from the center of the canvas to its edges. Then, he used a broom to stretch the dyes such as red, yellow and blue over the piece. After that, he took the tape parts off, revealing the luminous rugged stars which emerged from the piece, radiating the spontaneity of the whole process. Alongside these pieces, some of his paintings are covered with murky aesthetics and motifs that resemble some of Goya's work, for example, ghastly Caprices. These pieces are shrouded in layers of house paint, with random lettering incorporated into them but also repainted on several occasions, year after year.

Following the positive trend from the past year, the Raiders exhibition will occupy the space of the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, from January 10th to February 14th 2015.

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Gagosian Gallery Los Angeles
Harmony Korine - Flex Cemend Cheker                                                           Harmony Korine - Blue Checker

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