Hashimoto Contemporary Presents Four artists Investigating the Nature of Transformation in San Francisco Exhibition

November 4, 2015

The end of summer and the first half of fall saw amazing exhibitions at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco. The gallery organized (in August and September) an exhibition of amazing Los Angeles-based artist Dan Quintana, and in October, we had an opportunity to enjoy the art of Soey Milk, in exhibition entitled PIDA. Exhibitions at Hashimoto Contemporary never disappoint. Therefore, prepare yourselves for another amazing show at this great gallery - group show entitled Second Nature will bring together four amazing Oakland-based artists whose art practices deal with the representation of experience as material. As indicated by the title, the artworks on display are result of an innate pull to continually transcribe and further expand one's surroundings. The show features works by Bessma Khalaf, Jacqueline Norheim, Steuart Pittman and Dan Swindel.

Hashimoto Contemporary
Left: Steuart Pittman - Sitting Pretty / Right: Dan Swindel - Plaid , view no 2

Bessma Khalaf and Jacqueline Norheim – Space, Reality and Reinterpretation of the Natural World

Bessma Khalaw was born in Baghdad, Iraq, but now lives and creates in Oakland. She creates in a variety of media, such as video, photography and performance. Her practice takes root in the coalition between futility and possibility. Khalaf’s short video piece In The Woods (2014) presents a calm scene of blue sky filtering through a covering of trees. The tranquility of the shot is soon compromised by a jarring rearrangement of perspectives, challenging the viewer’s understanding of space and reality. Jacqueline Norheim explores a visual reinterpretation of the natural world. Combining the use of paint, collage, textiles and photography, the artist pulls from her personal tie to the landscape and produces a sensation of apparition. Near Far (2015) and Far Near (2015) are works on canvas that survey a rocky riverbed and stark desert horizon through the use of photo-transfers and a diffusion of spray paint. Norheim’s process of adding and subtracting information from her images alters the perceived candor of her photography with gestural imperfections of the hand, creating a fabricated reality of the artist’s time spent in each location.

Hashimoto Contemporary
Bessma Khalaf - In the Woods, 2014, view no 2

Steuart Pittman and Dan Swindel – The Extension of Experience and Multiple Levels of Singular Objects

At first glance, Steuart Pittman’s carefully rendered oil paintings speak with a language of simplicity and formality. However, each piece establishes a steady presence that is made known through the artist’s process and presentation. For Pittman, the act of painting is an extension of experience, with each work serving as a votive object. In his piece Anything is Impossible, Pittman depicts a dugout fence of a baseball diamond that captures the artist’s time spent with his local baseball team. Dan Swindel usually works with the medium of photography. His photographic work navigates between the two-dimensional image and the three-dimensional sculpture. Creating free-standing pieces on the floor or hanging images molded within the snug corner of a room, Swindel molds his photographs into singular objects that can be experienced on multiple levels. His images play with the subject of human intervention within the local landscape.

Hashimoto Contemporary
Left: Dan Swindel - Plaid / Right: Bessma Khalaf - In the Woods, 2014 (stills from a video)

Second Nature at Hashimoto Contemporary

Hashimoto Contemporary is certainly one of the San Francisco finest galleries (be sure to check out our interview with Ken Harman, the owner of the gallery). All four artists whose works will be exhibited are amazing; and all of them are currently based on Oakland. The exhibition is curated by Megan Cerminaro. The show entitled Second Nature will be on view from November 5 until November 14, 2015, at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco. An evening reception will be held on November 5, 6-10pm, where the artists will be in attendance.

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Featured Images:

Jacqueline Norheim -  Near Far

Jacqueline Norheim - Far Near

Steuart Pittman - Anything is Impossible

All Images courtesy of Hashimoto Contemporary.

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