South African Artist HelenA Pritchard Opening an Exhibition at TJ Boulting

Exhibition Announcements

March 22, 2016

TJ Boulting is proud to present the gallery’s first solo exhibition with South African artist HelenA Pritchard. Since the 2011 graduation from the Royal College of Art MA in Painting, Pritchard’s work has developed beyond painting into the sculptural, beyond the object and into the dimension of light. The twine that binds them together is her implementation of form, color, and materials. HelenA Pritchard is the artist who manages to combine and transform the materials in a whimsical yet serious manner and make the viewers question their subjective experience of space and eyesight for that matter, since her playful utilization of light makes one wonder if anything in this world would be as it is if it weren't for the sun, the moon, the stars. Do objects and people really exist if we are not able to see them? Is all around us just our personal perception of the world or is the world exactly as it seems? One may find an answer to these questions by examining HelenA Pritchard's exhibition more closely.

HelenA Pritchard exhibition
HelenA Pritchard - Untitled Encounters, 2016

The Exploration of Ideas

HelenA Pritchard combines traditional methods and materials of painting and sculpture with common objects such as netting, wire, mesh, silk, plastic, plants and packaging. Crossovers and layering are principal to her new investigations of ideas and methods of artistry. Once constructed, her works also react to each other in the space they occupy. The often transient and boundless nature of her work is owing to the context of installation, an answer to something, someone, or someplace. Her use of materials such as curtains, perfume bottles or lampshades brings a homely atmosphere to the gallery space. There is also a feeling of the narrative behind the materials as well as the journey they took to get where they are now. This means that none of her works are limited to a definite period of making as HelenA Pritchard manages to utilize a rearrangement of her earlier works into a completely new invention, compounded from discarded materials collected in her studio.

HelenA Pritchard exhibition
HelenA Pritchard - Square Triangle, 2006-2015

HelenA Pritchard’s Encounters

In the main room of the gallery, the work of HelenA Pritchard is made distinctive by tenseness created between the materials and the form itself. Geometric constructions withdrawn from modernism in architecture, advertising, and packaging, are presented together with pieces made of paper, plaster, and cement, which give the impression of the DIY culture. Encounters allude to the artist’s direct answer to the gallery space as well as the viewer’s successive personal experience in the exhibition. HelenA Pritchard has said that her work can be singular or united through the gathering of formal connections, which adds to the temporary nature of her work. In the back space of the gallery, the viewers are opposed to the added dimension of light. Old projectors and prisms are arrayed in the space to cast colorful light forms and shadows on the walls and objects positioned by the artist. Without the walls and the objects light does not exist and without the light, the colors and forms are non-existent too. The viewers are inspired to explore the space and experience the works that surround them, thus investigating the aesthetics and the ideas behind this exhibition.

HelenA Pritchard exhibition
HelenA Pritchard - Untitled picture 2009-2015

HelenA Pritchard Exhibition at TJ Boulting

HelenA Pritchard’s exhibition titled Encounters will be on display at TJ Boulting Gallery in London. Private view is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6th from 7 PM to 9 PM. Encounters will be open to public from April 7th to May 7th, 2016 at 59 Riding House St, London. HelenA Pritchard is an artist whose works are more than worth of taking a look at, and we are sure that you will find something that will tickle your imagination and spark your interest in the entertaining combination of unusual materials and the use of light in this remarkable installation. If you are not already in London, book a flight or board a train and make sure to clear your schedule and visit this fantastic exhibition by the amazing South African artist.

All images are © HelenA Pritchard. Courtesy of the artist and TJ Boulting.
Featured images: HelenA Pritchard - Untitled Encounters, 2016 | / HelenA Pritchard - Untitled Encounters, 2016 | HelenA Pritchard - Untitled picture, 2009-2015 | HelenA Pritchard - Untitled, 2015, Courtesy the artist and TJ Boulting