Helvet Underground

September 25, 2014

The potential for diversity in the arena of street art is practically endless. We have come to know and appreciate the artwork of individuals which constantly evolve and transform through the investigation and experimentation with different forms of expression. Street artists today are in constant dialogue with popular culture, cultural industries and pop art. These fields of reality are exactly what helps them to come up with innovative approaches to their creative process. All of this can be said for the Montpellier based artist Mist. he has shown his range and artistic potential through recent exhibition Sketch or Die. He will also be a part of an upcoming group show Paper Party 2. But before this, we will be able to enjoy his art in a solo show coming up soon…

Helvet Underground

The Art of Mist

The story of this street artist’s devotion to graffiti writing began in the period when graffiti culture started to take the world by storm. The time was late 1980s, and the space of the story – Paris. In 1988, Mist wrote his first graffiti which resonated the captivating power of wildstyle. Soon enough, this artist became one of the most respected writers in the capital of France. A decade later, in 1998, Mist developed his work to incorporate sculpture practice. The beginning of the 21st century brought yet another successful year for the artist. In 2001, Mist started to create his own toys under the label of Bonustoys. This has made the artist a true pioneer of what is known today as designer toys. Art professionals and enthusiast place Mist to be one of top artists who produces collectable toys, along with artists such as Futura and Kaws.

Helvet Underground
Mist, toy design

Helvet Underground

During the period between October 16th and November 15th 2014, Kolly Gallery in Zurich is going to be a home for the aesthetically intriguing and stimulating exhibition by the French artist Mist. In present times, the artist continues his work devoted to sculpture and painting in his studio in Montpellier. The beginnings of graffiti and his experience with this artistic expression still remain a significant source of inspiration for Mist… The showcasing of the new body of work is titled Helvet Underground and is an event which shouldn’t be missed. See you in Zurich this fall!

Helvet Underground
Mist, Kolly Gallery

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