Highlight Exhibitions: December 14 - 20

December 13, 2014

The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World

Group Show

Opening; December 14th


Every and each artwork contains some data about when it was conceived, following surrounding trends and periods of art, beginning with Renaissance following Romanticism and more, up to the offspring of today, the contemporary art. Nevertheless, in true manner of a rebel, and by showing ingenuity of their style, group of 17 artists managed to suspend themselves from tag of era. Their paintings reflect a singular approach characterized in notion of timelessness. This phenomenon in culture was first identified by the science fiction writer William Gibson, who used the term “a-temporality” to describe a cultural product of our moment. In this moment artwork is a habitat where all styles, eras, contents and mediums coexist in ultimate holistic configuration. It’s manifestation is present in todays ultimate overflowing source, place where past, future and present are collapsed in some form of fifth dimension, the Internet.

Dress Your Wall

Group Show

Opening: December 17th


The third edition of Dress Your Wall, a market of graphic art, is due to take place at Miscelanea in the Raval district of Barcelona, Spain. Miscelanea is a multidisciplinary art space that will host the art market and an exhibition of the work prior to the market opening. Around one hundred international artists are participating in the third edition of Dress Your Wall that is dedicated exclusively to graphic artwork at a range of prices. With so many artists involved you can be sure that there will be many styles of work with varying techniques on show, something for everyone and that last chance to get that extra special Christmas gift! As shopping is tiring, you will be able to relax and enjoy a coffee with homemade pastries or perhaps some tapas while taking in the music selection of the Misc.Bar.



Opening: December 17th

David Bloch Gallery

An artist might tell you that there is only hard work behind a complex art piece, whether it is on the smallest canvas in a studio or the biggest mural in an urban space. Another artist may tell you that the only “true” expression comes from the magical potential of chaos. One will say it is a question of mathematical precision and scientific determinism. Another will assert that it is only a matter of intuitive spirituality. But, what of those who might say that it is an equilibrium of these stances? What if there was someone who would say that art represents a perfect junction of soul and science? That person exists, and it is the street artist who goes by the name of Remed…

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Featured Image: Rashid Johnson. Cosmic Slop "The Berlin Conference". 2011

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