Highlight Exhibitions: December 7 – 13

December 6, 2014

The Pitiless Gaze of Hysterical Realism

Group Show

Opening: December 11

999 Contemporary

Curator Stefano S. Antonelli has invited some of the leading names in urban art for The Pitiless Gaze of Hysterical Realism exhibition, hosted by the 999 Contemporary project, a non-profit organization with the aim to promote contemporary urban arts. Portrait painting has always been important in the art world, offering a constant narration on the development and transitions of mankind with the artist capturing the beauty and at times, the ugliness of the human form to give a sense of the spirit of the times they were created in. Observing and transforming images of people has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists down the ages, offering an insight into the subjective identity and the power of public images. For Stefano S. Antonelli, the artists selected for The Pitiless Gaze of Hysterical Realism are, he feels, solid interpreters of the spirit of our times, artists that exist in a time of endless flowing information whose work following on from the nihilism of the 90s offers some hope that that is something out there that is still worthwhile in this modern world. The artists in this exhibition offer a view on the western world that fits perfectly with what author James Wood called hysterical realism and their representations of our lives offer a pitiless gaze on this hysterical realism.


Passaggi Concreti

Opening: December 12

Studio D’Ars

In the mid November major exhibition opened in Italy titled Parenthesis open. This huge event was conceptualized as display venue for number of known and emerging Italian artist. By hosting five of them, this group show’s intention is to present best of the new from the Italian urban and underground culture. Milan is selected as stage for this show, and it is slowly becoming reference point for the knowledge and dissemination of the trends that characterize today’s contemporary art. Studio behind the Parentheses open is Studio D’Ars Milan.  You may have heard of this studio as we   wrote about some exciting exhibitions that this studio hosted. Main protagonist of these five solo shows are CT, Aris, Giulio Vesprini, Gio Pistone and last but not the least artist called 108. He is a lead role in this post and his five minutes under the spotlight will come on 13th of December as he tells his story.

Michelle Guintu


Opening: December 13

New Image Art Gallery

If you are feeling nostalgic over the 80’s and 90’s and you look upon those years as the time when your personality was generated you will enjoy what’s coming to one of California’s prominent galleries. In this exhibition you will see likes of the famed stars of that era like Tupac, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, TLC and Lil Kim. There are also some ’80s divas in the mix like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. It is a genuine chronicle made by an artist who is somewhat obsessive about the years passed. Thus the title Obsession. Michelle Guintu is the author of this collection and she is bringing us witty and cartoonish display of 80’s and 90’s honoring the visual delights that were on menu during those years.

The Nakeds

Group Show

Opening: December 13

De La Warr Pavillion

There is always more to being naked than just physical bareness. This extra level of potency is firmly connected to bias and highly subjective self-image. As we build our mental constructions, they can become our own springboards or prisons, depending on the point of view, or most likely, our ego. One or the other, both are useful grounds for making art. The Nakeds is a group exhibition at De La Warr Pavilion in East Sussex, the one that looks at drawings of the body exposed. In essence it’s event which celebrates exploration of inner-self and how did artists perceived naked human body through time. Evoking stream of complex emotions, exhibition illustrates the gap between two or more meanings, between what body is and what it means to each individual.

Kevin Peterson


Opening: December 13

Thinkspace Gallery

Kevin Peterson is bringing us a new and exciting collection of freshly made paintings. This accomplished surrealist painter finds complex balance between two opposing forces, with tension fueling a mildly unsettling feeling. The young Houston based artist creates works that are emotive, introspective and haunted by the suggestion of narrative. Most of his works depicts children in almost apocalyptic surrounding, with echoing violent shades that deepen the viewer’s experience of the subjects’ dislocation. Still, there is a promising hint of optimism reverberating in the artist’s narrative. His protagonists remain serene, suggesting both survival and the triumph of individual’s strength. It is a personal tribute to meek ones. As the name of the exhibition states, Remnants Peterson gives us the aftermath debris of a story he so boldly tells. Stop by Thinkspace Gallery in December and look at the story of Remnants.

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