Highlight Exhibitions: January 4 – 10

January 3, 2015

Mad C

Night and Day

Opening: January 10

44309 Street Art Gallery

Mad C will be showing a selection of her new paintings in the Night and Day exhibition at the 44309 Street Art Gallery. Previous studio paintings have revealed rather beautiful fluent and gestural pieces often created with watercolour, acrylic and spray paints on canvas that carry the trademark features of her larger outdoor works, incorporating vivid colour and a love of typography along with an obvious knowledge of the skill and history of graffiti writing. Having studied graphic design in Germany and the UK, Mad C holds a master degree in graphic design which clearly shows through in both her studio pieces and street art. Earlier paintings on canvas such as 12-01 (2012) and 19-10 (2012), demonstrate the ability of Mad C to combine painterly elements with her detailed approach to craftsmanship as can be witnessed by the wonderful fluid abstract backgrounds and expressive gestural marks and splatters full of energy and life that provide a frenetic surface for the more careful and considered graffiti style writings that take prominence in the foreground. The new exhibition Night and Day by Mad C opens at the 44309 Street Art Gallery, Dortmund, on January 10th 2015 and will run until February 21st 2015.

Ryan Wallace

The Standard Model

Opening: January 8

Mark Moore Gallery

Coarsely ethereal. These is the first, and awkward, description coming to mind after gazing upon tightly stratified, abstract collages by Ryan Wallace. His inherent connections to all things emotive, musical and experiential coexist in the canvases he populates with upcycled debris, deliberately allowing another layer on top of what already seems too much. After Wallace’s successful installation at Susan Inglett Gallery in October, Mark Moore Gallery in Culver City, California, is bringing another, new series of Wallace’s mixed-media works, accompanied with a series of sculptures as well. The how is entitled The Standard Model, suggesting the already familiar continuance of the artist’s visual exploration, seen in his 2013 show Redactor at the same space. Still, the current series of complex paintings demonstrates an obvious step forward, elaborating he subject and delving further into ideas of materiality, spontaneity and plasticity of perception.

Martin Kippenberger

Solo Show

Opening: January 10

Taka Ishii Gallery

He was a heavy drinker. He wrote, acted, played music and never stayed in one place for a long time. A postmodern character if there was any… We know him best, of course, as one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century coming from German cultural space, someone who had marked the decades of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s with a particular postmodern aesthetics. He has become known as an artist whose creative process included sculptures and paintings, collages and posters, performances and installations… His name? Martin Kippenberger. At Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, the public will have a chance to see a first major solo show by Kippenberger in Japan. Referencing a show from 1990, each visitor will be greeted by a Simply Red song “If you don’t know me by now” – just as Kippenberger had decided years ago. The art loving public will have a chance to learn so much about the artist’s work, but also, and perhaps for some more importantly, about the person behind the art, as well.

Space Program

Group Show

Opening: January 10

Steve Turner Contemporary

Space Program is the title of the inaugural group exhibition at the new Steve Turner Contemporary space located in Hollywood bringing together the works of Maria Anwander, Deborah Grant, Luis Hidalgo, Jonas Lund, Pablo Rasgado, Camilo Restrepo, Rafaël Rozendaal, Michael Staniak and Yung Jake. The Space Program group exhibition will be the first time that most of the Steve Turner Contemporary gallery artists have exhibited together and the aim is to highlight connections within their program.


Group Show

Opening: January 10

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery will represent the arena of questioning adventurousness, willingness to explore, the desires of investigating unknown environments and leaving aside, if only for a brief moment, all of those habitual occurrences of our everyday lives. Thus, the exhibition titled Dérive(s), will become a contemplative state of addressing the articulation of the social and the emotional interaction with the world, evoking the imaginative potential of a dialogue with the urban environment. The show will be curated by Romain Dauriac and include the work of an inspiring group of artists – Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Anita Molinero, Nicholas Pilato, Evan Robarts, Sylvie Auvray, Sarah Braman and John Roebas.

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