Highlight Exhibitions: Nov 9 – 15

November 8, 2014

Takashi Murakami

In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow

Opening: Nov 10

Gagosian Gallery


Not as widely publicized in the western world, 2011 Earthquake of Tohoku is remembered as one of the biggest disasters in the recent history of Japan, with close to 16,000 casualties, over 6,000 injured and more than 2,500 missing. Marking an evident conceptual shift in Takashi Murakami’s career, a major natural disaster seems to have ignited novel works dedicated to his perceptions of natural state of chaos. Drawing inspiration from the human inclination to explain the inescapable natural catastrophes by delving into religious mysteries, the acclaimed artist depicts his own visions of ‘making sense’ of things. Spiritually charged works dominate his oeuvre in the last couple of years, and his upcoming exhibition at Gagosian Gallery will continue the idea recently displayed in The Cycle of Arhat exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan, Italy.

& Friends – The UK Collective

Group Show

Opening: Nov 13

Galerie LeFeuvre


In the period between November 13th and December 20th 2014, at Galerie Le Feuvre, the public in Paris and its visitors will have a chance to appreciate the new body of work on different mediums, by some of the greatest names that the cultural space of United Kingdom has to offer. Be sure not to miss the artistic accomplishments of Sickboy, Mr. Jago, Andrew McAttee, Xenz, Word To Mother and Paul Insect, within the exhibition titled & Friends – The UK Collective.

Tom Martin

(Filthy) Lucre

Opening: Nov 13

De Buck Gallery


(Filthy) Lucre show will also be the inauguration of Tom Martin’s sculptural works, made of plaster sculptures and reliefs, in which the ornament are different coins from all over the world. Visually different, but conceptually akin with the paintings, sculptural pieces by Martin suggestively critique acceptance of money by those who are supposed to be the most immune to it. Money is our God, regardless of the country or region we reside in, and although the common belief of the poor is that it cannot buy happiness, it can surely make life a whole lot easier. Read in Martin’s work, this idea is as true as it is heartbreaking, and while the artist comments on the current situation, the answer or the solution is nowhere to be seen.

Polish Urban Art

Group Show

Opening: Nov 13

Urban Spree


The project is organized by Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej, through the cooperation with numerous galleries in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine Belarus and, of course, Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, Germany. During the period between October 20th and December 14th 2014, the exhibition will travel to Kiev, Lviv, Minsk, Stockholm, Paris, Warsaw and end in the city of Lublin, which is, together with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, financially supporting the project. At Urban Spree in Berlin, the public will have a chance to experience and appreciate Polish urban art from November 13th to November 16th 2014. The show will also feature a documentation of the evolution of Polish street art, beginning with photographs captured by Edward Hartwig in the 1950s.



Opening: Nov 15

Library Street Collective


As a devoted street artist, POSE was creating simultaneously in both gallery and public spaces. Since 2009, the artist’s paintings have been in high demand, making him even more present in gallery spaces during the period of recent years. He has exhibited at Jonathan Levine Gallery and Volta in New York, as well as at Known Gallery in Los Angeles, to name only a few recent showcasings. One thing is certain, the energy which he acquired from the nature of street art is transpired in his inspirational studio work. During the month of November, the public of Detroit will be able to see a body of work by POSE as part of the exhibition titled Lemonade, at the Library Street Collective.

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