Highlight Exhibitions: Oct 26 - Nov 1

October 25, 2014

Eric Lacan

All Monsters are Human

Opening: Oct 30

Openspace Gallery


When Father James in the movie Calvary visits a prisoner in jail, the prisoner asks him: Do I look like a monster? The priest replies with a question: What do monsters look like? Eric Lacan‘s upcoming exhibition “All Monsters are Human” raises similar question and, while at the same time suggesting answers, the artist willingly encourages visitors to look for their own. “All Monsters are Human” is Lacan’s second solo exhibition with the OpenSpace Gallery. It examines a number of philosophical questions that remain unanswered. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the world of intense dark Romanticism of Lacan for a spectacular exhibition without walls on October 30th at Bastille Design Center. OpenSpace Gallery rented this beautiful and huge 600m2 space in the heart of Paris to be an architectural framework for Lacan’s artistic ambitions.

Etam Cru

Bedtime Stories

Opening: Oct 30

Galeria Varsi


After exhibiting M-City’s recent works in September, Galleria Varsi from Rome is preparing another interesting show, this time displaying works by the dreamy Polish duet – Etam Cru. The exhibition entitled Bedtime Stories already implies a range of imaginative pieces, composed upon the brilliant drawing and colored with softened rainbow palette. Curated by Marta Gargiulo, Bedtime Stories will be Etam Cru’s Italian debut, enhanced by the large-scale mural the duo will commence painting in Pigneto in a couple of days.


Kinetic Action

Opening: Nov 1

Magda Danysz Gallery (Shanghai)


One of the foremost representatives of graffiti art, a contemporary artist spray can newcomers respect immensely is Futura, the pioneer of abstraction in graffiti, the daring contemporary of SAMO, Keith Haring, Cope2 and many other early New York writers. His art has evolved greatly since then, while his influence on young generations is immeasurable, seen in every abstract wall artwork devised in urban environments anywhere. The Shanghai show will be divided into two segments, the first one being ‘work in progress’, where the artist will engage in active painting in front of the public. This part of the event will take place before the official opening day, as the pieces created publicly will also enter the exhibit. The second segment of the show will be the exhibition itself, opening on November 1 and running through December 6, 2014. The idea is to bring the usually mystified moment of creation closer to audience, while transforming Magda Danysz space in Shanghai into a huge workshop, before turning back to the central happening.

Jesse Hazelip

Mark of Cain

Opening: Nov 1

Known Gallery


The artistic practice of Jesse Hazelip is essentially rooted in resistance. Through an eclectic body of work this artist protests against mistreatment of prisoners in American jails, whereas his expression might even be considered controversial by some. Still, if we reduce things to the fight for human rights, which it actually is, Hazelip’s art becomes a provocative statement advocating equality without judgement. Symbolically entitled, Jesse Hazelip’s new exhibition Mark of Cain will open at Known Gallery in Los Angeles, presenting his latest visions on human confinement, including a performance and a site-specific mural.


Legend by Nature

Opening: Nov 1

Hamburger Galerie


Starting November 1st die Hamburger Galerie will exhibit artworks by New York graffiti legend Cope2. Greta Verhuelsdonk, curator of the exhibition, convinced the artists from the Bronx to exhibit and present his colorful throw ups to the German public in a solo exhibition. Greta Verhuelsdonk, that specialized in pop, street and urban art sent Cope2 numerous messages and invitations over the years, asking him to present his work to broad public in Hamburg. In 2014 she finally managed to get through to him. The art historian and curator Verhuelsdonk says about Cope2 “He’s a natural talent, his paintings are vigorous, a mix of graffiti and fine art painting”. She is eager to meet the living legend personally at the unofficial opening of “Legend by Nature” on October 31, that Cope2 will open personally.

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